Transferring Legendary Pokémon In Pokémon GO? The Time Has Come

"Transfer your Legendary Pokémon." That sentence may seem like sacrilege to some Pokémon GO trainers. It may elicit gasps from rural players who cherish their hard-fought Legendary catches. There are many players, though, whose Pokémon storage is clogged with multiple, even dozens, of duplicate Legendary Pokémon. Rather than waiting to trade these Pokémon, there may be an incentive to transfer them during tonight's Spotlight Hour. Here's why all trainers should take a hard look at their Pokémon storage and bid farewell to some of their most powerful Pokémon.

Wanna do some transfers in Pokémon GO? Courtesy of Niantic.
Wanna do some transfers in Pokémon GO? Courtesy of Niantic.

Tonight is Tentacool Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO which, from 6 PM to 7 PM will offer increased Tentacool spawns in addition to an in-game bonus: double transfer candy. Spending the hour transferring duplicate Legendary Pokémon can help hardcore trainers clear their storage and accrue an absurd about of candy by passively clicking "transfer" over and over again. Some trainers save their double Legendaries for trading, both to get the bonus of extra candy from distance and to help out players who missed. This is a noble gesture, but there are many trainers who do multiple Tier Five raids every day… and there is only one Special Trade available per trainer, per day. The important question to ask yourself, when looking at your storage and assessing the amount of each species you have, is if you can really see yourself trading that number of Pokémon,

For example, opening my storage and looking at recently featured raid bosses. I see thirty-nine Cresselia, forty-eight Heatran, fifty-eight Genesect, thirty Deoxys, thirty-one Rayquaza, and so on. Deoxys and Genesect aren't tradeable, so that makes transferring everything but the Shinies, my best, and my first an easy choice. Looking at Heatran, even if I keep five… am I ever, ever going to trade forty-three Heatran away? Not a chance. Transferring forty will get me eighty Heatran candy that I would have otherwise simply sat on.

It may be cringe-inducing to transfer these valuable species, but it will help you power up the ones you're keeping. So buckle in, crack those knuckles, and get ready to transfer.

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