Transformers TCG Players Need to Get Devestator Pronto

Transformers TCG recently released their second wave of cards and added Combiners to the fray. There were five Combiners available as hinged cards in packs, and while they were cool, the fan-favorite Combiner of them all was missing. That is because he got his own special release. Of course, we are talking about Devestator! The Decepticon mammoth is here to wreck your Transformers TCG opponents, and Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro were nice enough to send one our way to show off to you.

I love how these packs come in such unique packaging. A giant window box shows off Devestator in all his glory in the front, while the back features card instructions and a look at one of the Combiners themselves, Scrapper. The pack also comes with a pack of battle cards, tokens, and how-to-play instructions.

Of course, character specific battle cards and the Constructicon Enigma card are included so you can actually use your new Devestator in Transformers TCG battle. Reclaim and Heavy Landing look like good cards, while Work Overtime also seems like a good card to place in your deck.

The Combiners themselves are pretty decent Bots to have on your team, and all of them feature the great card art that has made Transformers TCG a hit with collectors that don't even play the game. Scavenger may be my favorite of the bunch.

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Once he is on the battlefield, look out. I have not had a chance to play with him yet, but a friend of mine did and he called me all giddy after the match singing its praises. So, it seems like if you can get him onto the field of play, you should have a great time while your opponent will be begging for mercy. I kinda want two so I can frame one for my wall. I cannot wait to throw him in my deck and lay waste to my friends with this guy.

Transformers TCG Rise of the Combiners Devestator pack is now in stores!


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