Valve Adds Tons of New Job Postings, Fueling Even More Half-Life 3 Rumors

Valve half-life

Valve isn't ever the most forthcoming of companies about what they're up to, but they've updated their job listings over the weekend and continue to push those listings on social media, which has fans wondering just why they're so desperate to hire new talent.

The job listings are open for a variety of positions from 3D Artist to Writer, to Legal, to Psychologist – Research/Experimental. Honestly, we can't rightly say what Valve are hiring for, but it looks like an incredibly in-depth project that will require a decent amount of legal support, an on-call psychologist, electrical and mechanical engineers, and some financial big wigs.

So naturally, Valve fans have taken this to mean that the secretive company might be getting back into game development. After all, they haven't taken a dev stance on any game since Dota 2 released in July of 2013. And with all of Firewatch developer Campo Santo moving in-house to finish developing In the Valley of Gods, there might actually be something to all those Half-Life 3 rumors and complaints this time around.

After all, they are working on Artifact and have stated plans for getting back to shipping games, with head Gabe Newell stating that Artifact will be the "first of many."

Maybe they aren't working on Half-Life 3, but these listings do prove that Valve is serious about returning to the dev sphere.

Or it could just be Valve being Valve, hiring a ton of talent to work in strange ways related only to Steam operations.

That said, if you ever wanted to work for them, now is your chance.

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