The Vive VR Headset Pre-Orders Will Launch In February

HTC Vive

The Oculus Rift recently announced its price for its first consumer headset recently to some noise. At $599, it was a lot to ask, and it set the next most anticipated headsets up, the PlayStation VR and the HTC and Valve Vive.

Well, the latter of those will set up its flag in just a few weeks now, as The Verge confirmed from the HTC. February 29th is the magic date to look forward to if you want to pre-order the headset.

There was no news on price, but I'm sure we will find out on the day. I'm anticipating this, with a full set up, to be the most expensive of all the major headsets, but I'm not bold enough to hazard a guess just yet. We will have to see.

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