When Will Aeroblast Lugia Come To Pokémon GO? We Think We Know

Before the COVID-19 pandemic led the world to lockdown, Pokémon GO had major plans for Lugia. The Legendary Pokémon was set to finally get its signature move of Aeroblast during an exclusive Raid Weekend that would take place from March 27th until March 30th. It wasn't to me, though. In addition to adding many in-game bonuses that would enrich the game during the lockdown and beyond, Niantic canceled Lugia Special Raid Weekend in favor of extended the previous boss Cobalion's stay in raids. Because Lugia with Aeroblast is such a coveted Pokémon, it is thought that Niantic didn't want to give people cause to leave quarantine… which is understandable. Now, though, as the world adjusts to the current state of things, Niantic has begun to roll out Raid Bosses every bit as hyped as the canceled Psychic/Flying-type Legendary… so Pokémon GO players are wondering where in the world Aeroblast Lugia?

Well… we think we know when it's coming.

Aeroblast Lugia may be coming to Pokémon GO this month. Credit: Niantic
Aeroblast Lugia may be coming to Pokémon GO this month. Credit: Niantic

It would make sense, rather than to rush out such a major release during other planned events, that Niantic would fit Aeroblast Lugia into something that was thematically consistent. August is dominated with Ultra Unlock, with each week offering a different theme and a different Raid Boss until the third week of the month… and then, we don't know what's coming next.

Or do we?

Not long ago, Niantic announced that there would be a Flying Cup in GO Battle League that would tie into an event that has yet to be announced. Dataminers also found information for GO Battle League Day: Pidgey in the code. All of this is to say that a Flying-type event seems to be coming to Pokémon GO soon… and what better time to release Lugia with Aeroblast, the definitive Flying-type attack? We at Bleeding Cool posit that Lugia will be the raid boss following the end of Ultra Unlock, replacing Genesect. Only time will tell if this is correct, but it may be smart to power up your Lugia counters… because, sooner or later, it's coming.

We'd say "sooner" is a safe bet.

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