Where Are The Rest Of The Kalos Releases In Pokémon GO?

Many aspects of Pokémon GO have changed in the last year, including how new generations of Pokémon are released. Both Generation Five's Unova species and Generation Six's Kalos species have had unusual releases with species dropping either as solo releases or in small groups rather than the tiered releases and full generation drops of the past. With only a few Unova species remaining, it seems as if we are bound to start getting more Kalos releases soon in Pokémon GO. So when, then, do we think the rest will come out?

Kalos species in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Kalos species in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Earlier this month, I observed the following when the new loading screen was released in Pokémon GO featuring unreleased Kalos species:

Helioptile: This is one of the two blatant new releases featured here. There is no ambiguity. Helioptile will certainly arrive in Pokémon GO during the Season of Heritage and I strongly feel it will happen during the Power Plant event at the end of the month.

Flabébé and its evolutions of Floette and Florges are confirmed for the Season of Heritage here. Flabébé will likely be available with different-colored flowers as in the main series games.

I will elaborate on Flabébé here, as I think that it will be released during the annual Valentine's Day event this year in Pokémon GO.

I also strongly believe that both Zygarde and Volcanion will be released in raids this year, though I don't think we'll get every one of Zygarde's forms right off the bat… unless those forms are obtainable through the Form Change mechanic that we use for Furfrou and Hoopa.

While I think that many Kalos species will be released in Pokémon GO this year, I think we can use Unova's ongoing release as a reason to believe that the full generation won't come out. In fact, I think that just how we saw Unova and Kalos have overlapping rollouts, we will begin to see Alolan species released this year before Kalos is fully dropped. I think that while the majority of Kalos will make its way into Pokémon GO this year, some species will be held back until 2023.

What are your predictions for the continued Kalos rollout?

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