Will Apple's New Indie Games Page Do Better Than The Last One?


Mobile gaming is quickly becoming one of the most profitable ways to make games. People love being able to play a game on the go, and it's easier than ever thanks to smartphones. Even the big names are getting involved with Nintendo planning to launch several mobile titles each year and Mass Effect: Andromeda is getting a companion app that will allow you to run strike team missions while away from your PC or console.

And since we're in something like a heyday for Indie games, that's the focus of Apple's new spotlight section. The Indie Games section of the App store will feature both new indie games, as well as previously released titles from the years upon years of iOS indie games.

Now, it's worth noting that this is not the first time Apple has tried to put a spotlight on indie games. They had an Indie Games Showcase on the App store back in 2014 that was met with rather poor favor by the indie community because the showcase did absolutely nothing to help bolster sales of indie games. Rather, it was found that being featured on the main Games page or in a "If you like…" suggestions list were much better for affecting game sales. An indie page seemed to do very little.

The ill-fated 2014 Indie Showcase
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The ill-fated 2014 Indie Showcase

Hopefully, with more and more indie games becoming cult favorites and the golden children of games writers everywhere, this new Indie Games page will work.

Games featured in the Indie section will continue to be promoted on the main App Store and Game pages as well so hopefully that will help prevent the indie undercut we saw back in 2014, and in the lead-up to the page's launch, Apple has been spotlighting a number of new releases on iOS in the main App Store and Games pages ahead of the section's launch. Which has already been noticed enough for people to speculate about it.

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This official confirmation comes through IGN..

"The new showcase is fantastic news for indie gaming. Apple has always been a champion for indie games, and many of the biggest titles through the years were the product of small independent teams," Itay Keren, creator of Mushroom 11 told IGN in an interview about the new page, "I'm extremely proud to have Mushroom 11 as one of the first titles featured here. Apple is helping to redefine mobile gaming, bringing a larger spectrum of works to their audiences, and growing the number and types of players seeking unique experiences in their store."

Getting the word out about more indie games is always going to be something I support, and it looks like Apple has learned a bit from their mistakes by continuing to feature the indie games on the main Games page. However, I don't know if there will be much traction on the Indie Games page itself. This could, very likley, be a case of too little, too late.

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