Xbox Game Bar and its Evolution Detailed

Microsoft's Xbox Game Bar has continued to evolve ever since it hit the scene. Today, during the latest episode of Inside Xbox, additional details were offered about the changes it's gone through as of late. First of all, instead of having users Alt+Tab out of their games and apps while using the Xbox Game Bar, Microsoft opted to help bring apps to users with the app to avoid having players leaving their games. Now, starting today, widgets for apps like Razer's Cortex and XSplit's Gamecaster will be available in Xbox Game Bar with these new updates. You can access them by pressing the Windows key and the "G" key simultaneously.

Microsoft Xbox Game Bar and its evolution revealed.
Microsoft Xbox Game Bar and its evolution revealed.


Similarly, you can also start installing new widgets from the Game Bar Widget Store that you can launch right from the Xbox Game Bar. You can stay right there and manage your software without having to turn off the app, which is a useful change. Xsplit's Gamecaster streaming app also supports an Xbox Game Bar widget now as well, and you can get to them without having to tab out between apps or leave what you're doing.

In the same vein, the Razer Cortex Beta widget will offer easy access to essential Cortex features like Boost and Restore. It will allow you to boost up your computer's performance when you need it without having to turn off your Game Bar, and while doing so, you can earn Razer Silver just for using Razer's products. However, if you're more interested in tinkering, you can download Microsoft's Game Bar SDK (Beta) today. Any developer can work on and release their own custom widgets for the Xbox Game Bar, no matter your background in development or coding. This is a pretty cool addition to the setup, especially if there are things you want to accomplish with Game Bar that doesn't already exist. This announcement caps off some of the coolest things to come from Microsoft's latest rundown of releases. It seems the Game Bar is well on its way to becoming an essential piece of software.

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