Zillionaires: Road Trip USA Will Be Released Next Month

Tabletop publisher Big Potato revealed their latest game, Zillionaires: Road Trip USA, will be coming out this June to retail and online. The game is a bit of a mashup of some classic titles you may have played before as you're essentially going on a road trip to collect properties, but in a way that has far more strategy than just going for certain spots. And a lot more planning than hoping for luck to give you the right roll of the dice. You'll travel around this game's version of the United States with basically a massive wallet to purchase almost anything you want from major landmarks to tourist traps. All you gotta do is but four properties in a row, whether it be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You can read more about it below as the game will go on sale this June for $25 through both Target and Amazon.

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Credit: Big Potato

Zillionaires: Road Trip USA is a mash-up of Sequence and Monopoly — so get ready to line up some deals! In this auction party game, bid, bluff and buy up America's legendary roadside attractions — including the world's largest toilet in Indiana, the last Blockbuster Store in Oregon and Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey! Buy up real, legendary roadside attractions from across the USA, before your fellow zillionaires get their mitts on them. You'll get 49 zillion dollars to try and snap up four properties in a row. All you need to do is outbid your rivals… without getting sucked into a bidding war. How to Win: Be the first to buy up four properties in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line!

What's in the box?
Zillionaires money
Sold chips
Property cards
Player tokens

Bonus features
+ Be the first to hear about our new games
+ Free replacement parts
+ Weekly games prizedraw

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