Back to the Future Star Tom Wilson Auctioning VHS Copy of Trilogy

A hero is only as great as his enemy with Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly in Back to the Future and his adversary Biff Tannen, played by none other than Tom Wilson. The actor played the role in all three films, which includes its 1989 and 1990 sequels. Fox and Wilson also played multiple roles that include their characters' ancestors. In a video shared to the Hollywood Reporter, Wilson is offering his shrink-wrapped VHS collection of the BTTF trilogy for auction sent to him by studio MCA that also includes the documentary Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy hosted by Kirk Cameron.

Back to the Future Star Tom Wilson Auctioning VHS Copy of Trilogy
Tom Wilson in Back to the Future (1985). Image courtesy of Universal

"The feeling was overpowering to rip this open and watch that Kirk Cameron guy," Wilson deadpanned about the Growing Pains star. The auction also includes individual shrink-wrapped copies of the Back to the Future films, including personal notes from late MCA boss Tom Pollock, who Wilson swears he was close with. Why else would the chief executive sign the notes with a "T" and then a dash? The auction comes as nostalgia collecting is peaking in older formats as music collectors are long-familiar with keeping vinyl records relevant, outlasting successor formats in 8-track and cassettes as CDs and digital became the current standard.

VHS was succeeded by DVD and Blu-ray. "This is just the beginning of the time when you could watch a movie as many times as you wanted to," Wilson said. "You would get this VHS, put it in your VCR and watch it over and over and over and over again … and I've heard from many thousands of people around the world who did exactly that. When your friends came over, and Dad put this in the VCR … when you were (home) sick from school and there was Back to the Future, like an old friend — it's been an amazing thing." For more information, you can head to Heritage Auctions.

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