Fox's Live-Action X-Men Series Continues To Gather Forces With More Casting, Including Polaris


Fox's upcoming live-action television series set in the X-Men universe continues to pick up steam was more casting news continues to emerge. While the series doesn't yet have an official title (they really should do something about soon), we do know that Burn Notice's creator Matt Nix will be showrunner for it and is a self-avowed X-Men fan.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Amy Acker (who Angel fans will remember from her role as Winifred Burkle/Illyria) will be the female lead, who along with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton from True Blood) are two parents who discover that their children are mutants. Forced to go on the run from government forces who want to take the children. Joining up with other mutants in hiding, they have to race to keep out of the hands of villains as well as the government.

In addition it was also noted that Emma Dumont (The Magicians, Aquarius) and Percy Hynes White (11.22.63, Night at the Museum) will also be joining the cast. Dumont will be in the role of Lorna Dane/Polaris, and White will play Andy as a loaner kid. No word on if Andy is a mutant (yet). In the X-men comic universe, Polaris is the daughter of Magnito and has similar powers over magnetism but struggles with mental health issues (which kind of sounds akin to the mental issues over on FX's Legion).

However while Legion is in the X-Universe, that series isn't planned to be connected to the other films and properties. Nix has said that this series will exist and be at least aware of the wider goings-on. Nix has said the series would "acknowledge that events like the events that have happened in movies have happened. But it's not up to date."

X-Men franchise kingpin Bryan Singer is confirmed to be directing the pilot episode, but no word if he will be the ongoing series regular. Singer and Nix will executive produce alongside Lauren Shuler Donner, Simon Kinberg, Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory. 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television will be co-producing.

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