Geralt's Beard Will Grow In The Witcher 3, Just Not Gandolf Long


This is a weird story as yesterday I was literally wondering why video game character's beards don't grow during the time a game takes place.

Well, it turns out that isn't going to pry on my mind in the Witcher 3. Speaking to German outlet Gamestar, (via VG247), CD Projekt Red said that Geralt's beard will indeed grow. Eurogamer than jumped in to get clarification from developer Michał Platkow-Gilewski.

The beard grows as time passes and when Geralt moves between locations. The beard has several "states" and these states determine its length – the longest is really long but it's not Gandalf-long.

When you download the free Beard and Hairstyle DLC the growth of the beard will stop because we decided that when players want a predefined look, it would be weird to require from them to reapply it time after time.

It's good to see some real next-gen power being put into beard physics.