Marvel's Inhumans Will Have A Human Antagonist As Well

Marvel's Inhumans debuted in IMAX theaters late last night and the embargo on reviews is lifted… and the word on it is not very encouraging. Critics are being harsh, but some of the fan response I've seen has leaned more towards it being OK or decent; maybe not worth seeing on the big screen, but worth watching on television. And they're only reviewing the first two episodes. The one thing we haven't really seen is an idea of what the overall story is.

Marvel's Inhumans

We can tell by the trailer that Maximus (Iwan Rheon) attempts a coup and the Royal Family ends up on Earth… but what does that mean for them individually and the story? Executive producer Scott Buck told

"Some are scared, some are curious, some are better prepared for it than others, but they each have their own unique adventure on Earth because it all affects them in different ways. They all come into contact with different people, who shape their experiences in different ways."

And Maximus isn't the only antagonist; it seems there is also one on Earth. Henry Ian Cusick plays Dr. Evan Declan, who Buck describes as:

"An independent researcher who has been testing Inhumans on Earth."

With how the government and most humans reacted to the Inhumans in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you can pretty much assume these were less the fun, happy test and more on the Dr. Josef Mengele type of experiments.

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