[RUMOR]: Wonder Woman 2 Has Her Fighting The USSR

We're already getting some news about the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel. Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns will be apparently tag-teaming the screenplay which has Gal Gadot's Amazon Princess throwing down with the Soviet Union itself in the 1980's. This news has been broken by the Vulture, the Wrap, and, originally, by ScreenRant.

[RUMOR]: Wonder Woman 2 Has Her Fighting The USSR

Making sure this sequel works seems to be in DC's best interest, as Suicide Squad, BvS, and Man of Steel have all come out to mixed reviews despite still making bank at the box office. Wonder Woman was their first movie to be receiving high marks across most of the board.

Given the moral ambiguity of the Cold War, it could easily play out like another anti-war narrative pretty easily. It threatened to destroy the world, a lot of people were against it, and it was mostly a case of two massive egos lashing out at one another.

That being said, if they were going for another anti-war bit, Vietnam would seem to be a better fit. Almost everyone was against Vietnam; you could set it in the 1960's, have a bunch of protest songs. Throw in some Doors and Beatles. It could be a regular Amazonian superheroine Apocalypse Now.

This of course means that it's time for villain speculation. Cheetah, being WW's most popular villainess, seems to be an inevitable choice. However, it wouldn't really make a whole lot of sense to bring her in during the 1980's in the Soviet Union.

[RUMOR]: Wonder Woman 2 Has Her Fighting The USSR

Rocket Red would be pretty cool. He's Russian and adorned in Soviet-era iconography. Though, they may stray from that character since he would draw comparisons to Iron Man and Iron Man 2 specifically with its Mickey Rourke Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo hybrid main antagonist. Red Panzer is another obvious choice, and that would be greatly enjoyable as well.

By the way, my pick for the hypothetical Wonder Woman/Apocalypse Now idea would be Vincent D'Onofrio as Maxwell Lord instead of Marlon Brando's Kurtz.

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