The Scorpion King Will Live Again With Franchise Reboot

It another unexpected announcement of a franchise revival; it looks like we'll be getting more of The Scorpion King!

It was just announced today through Deadline that Universal Pictures, along with Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia's Seven Buck Productions, is interested in relaunching The Scorpion King title and has locked down Jonathan Herman to write the film's script. The film is also reported to be produced alongside Hiram Garcia. However, the confirmation also states that Johnson is unavailable through 2022 due to prior commitments, including the highly anticipated Black Adam film for DC and Warner Bros.

The Scorpion King Will Live Again With Franchise Reboot
Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Because of Johnson's current slate of projects, the studio is hoping to discover a new face to take on the mantle of Scorpion King for this revival, also leaving room for a new director to helm the project. It is also suggested that despite his choice to step back as the leading role, Johnson will likely make an appearance in some capacity because the role is still very much something he has an affinity for. Also, unlike the original, the film is said to be set in a more modern world, with the plot itself kept under wraps.

In a statement, Johnson discusses his excitement for the project, stating, "The Scorpion King was my very first role ever on the silver screen, and I'm honored and excited to reimagine and deliver this cool mythology to a whole new generation. I wouldn't have had the career I'm lucky enough to have had it not been for The Scorpion King, and I'm thrilled that we at Seven Bucks Productions can help create those same opportunities for other hard-working actors today. I believe Jonathan Herman will put in the hard work to deliver a fantastic script for our global audience."

After the steady box office performance of The Mummy and the constant appreciation for the franchise from longtime fans, The Scorpion King will sure be something to watch out for as more information becomes available.

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