Could Total Divas Star Paige Be Done With WWE? Or The Other Way Around?


The latest rumors making the rounds on all the pro wrestling dirt sheets claim that WWE Superstar Paige may not have a role with the company when she returns from her injury this Summer. The last year been a strange saga for Paige, who has been out with a neck injury, was suspended twice for violating WWE's wellness policy, and was the victim of an illegal sex tape release. Though WWE didn't punish Paige for the sex tapes when they were released, as well they should not have since she was the victim of a criminal act, it looks like all of this, along with ongoing drama stemming from Paige's relationship with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, could be contributing to her current employment situation.

Paige and Del Rio's relationship has been a storyline on the E! Network reality show, with WWE's dislike of the relationship a focal point. But with Paige out of action with an injury and Del Rio out of WWE completely and now signed with competitor Impact Wrestling, the pair have been keeping busy starring in a series of Periscope videos wherein Del Rio repeatedly trashes Paige's employer, insults WWE executive Triple H, by calling him a "pussy" and saying he has "a big nose and no balls," and vaguely insinuates that WWE was connected to the release of the hacked sex tapes.

According to this week's issue of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has no plans for Paige when she returns. Though Meltzer points out that Paige's status as the subject of a movie being made about her life by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson could "save her," he also notes that it's possible she doesn't want to come back, which would certainly make her willingness to post videos of her husband insulting her boss to her social media accounts on a regular basis make a lot of sense. It also jibes with WWE's promotion of their Total Divas reality show, where Paige is featured in the plot but not advertised or promoted by WWE.

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