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Did Undertaker Lie to Public at Brother Kane's Mayoral Campaign Event?

President Donald Trump isn't the only WWE Superstar-turned-politician dealing with the fallout of unethical actions of family members on his political career. Glenn Jacobs, known to viewers of WWE as Kane, recently held a campaign event for the Knox County Mayoral race alongside his brother, retired WWE Legend The Undertaker. But though the event was designed to boost Jacobs's chances of winning the upcoming Republican primary, instead Jacobs finds himself and his campaign enveloped in scandal due to suspicion that his brother lied to the public at the event.

kane undertaker
Possibly the next Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee

According to wrestling journalist Mike Johnson on his PW Insider Elite Audio podcast, as transcribed by Ringside News, The Undertaker was asked about a rumored return to WWE for a match against John Cena at WrestleMania, and he replied by "downplaying" the rumors.

"Yesterday he did a signing in Knox County Tennessee with Kane to help promote Glenn Jacobs for mayor," Johnson said. "Apparently, Kane and The Undertaker are close."

Well of course they are. They're brothers. How did this guy get to be a respected wrestling journalist without knowing that?

"There are some fans asking him about returning and why he could very well have been working them," Johnson continued. "He kind of gave the impression of 'don't hold your breath, don't wait for that one,' but we will see. If I was The Undertaker and I was returning certainly I would want to keep the mystique and aura going."

It's not just Johnson's speculation that suggests Undertaker might not be telling the truth. Most wrestling dirt sheets agree that the match between Cena and Undertaker is WWE's plan for the big event in April. If Undertaker is lying about his return, then the conspiracy could stretch even further, with Cena himself also denying the rumor on Monday Night Raw last week.

It's unclear how this scandal could affect Jacob's chances at winning the race. Jacobs, a Libertarian endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, has a sordid history of violence, arson, and testicular electrocution, all of which has been documented on video through WWE's weekly television programs over the past two decades. However, salacious videos and credible reports of dishonesty did nothing to stop WWE Hall-of-Famer Donald Trump from seizing the presidency of the United States, so there's no reason to believe that Jacobs will have any trouble securing at least the Republican nomination.

Where things go after that probably depend both on the outcome of WrestleMania and on whether Knox County is willing to appoint a special counsel to investigate what Jacobs knew about his brother's business dealings with John Cena, when he knew them, and whether there was any collusion with Russian operatives like Nikolai Volkoff.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool, surely the number one source of national coverage of the Knox County Mayoral race, for updates on this story.

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