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Sting vs Undertaker: Could Legendary Match Still Happen in AEW or WWE?
Mark Calaway, better known to wrestling fans as The Undertaker, took to his podcast Six Feet Under on his March 18th episode to explain why his match with Sting (Steve Borden) never happened during his five-year run in WWE The World Championship Wrestling legend was the last major holdout superstar amassing two impressive runs with[...]
Sting vs Undertaker: Could Legendary Match Still Happen in AEW or WWE?
After all, it seems like the current white whale of wrestling dream matches is if the 64-year-old Steve Borden and the 58-year-old Mark Calaway, aka WWE's The Undertaker, could battle for a one-off epic final match As far as in-ring legacies go, Sting has done it all wrestling for almost every single major US promotion[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
The whispers I hear between my loyal subjects and the loose-tongued parrots that make the WWE headquarters their plaything, speak of no one less than The Undertaker. Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE) What?! The Undertaker making an appearance on NXT?! Such is the rumor abuzz I recall a[...]
Undertaker 1 Deadman Show promo graphic
The Undertaker may be too old to wrestle anymore (though that didn't stop him during the final five years of his career), but that doesn't mean WWE can't cash in on the Deadman some other way leading up to this year's WrestleMania With that in mind, WWE announced Friday that Undertaker's spoken word jam, Undertaker[...]
WWE's 10 Creepiest Superstars To Look Back On For Halloween
 A being who we learned just this week on SmackDown in a jaw-dropping segment is named Uncle Howdy. The Undertaker (Ministry of Darkness) The Undertaker is the ultimate spooky wrestling superstar  His whole character is based around being undead and all that  But it was in 1999 when Taker found a new gear and really unleashed the horror[...]
WWE Announces Undertaker Appearance for SummerSlam Weekend
The Undertaker may have retired from the ring, but that won't stop WWE from trotting him out at every opportunity The next time 'Taker will be needed is SummerSlam weekend in Nashville, and the Dead Man has answered the call to put on a one man show… or 1 deadMAN show… on Friday, July 29th[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
If you were planning to bring your 1991 Undertaker classic WWF rookie trading card to get signed at MegaCon in Florida on May 20th, think again! The Undertaker will not sign your 1991 Undertaker rookie card or, for good measure, any 1991 trading cards, just in case The Undertaker will also not sign any event[...]
The Undertaker Was Supposed To Have An On-Screen Son In 2008
While he is an iconic loner character with few human traits, recently-inducted WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has strangely enough over time become a character closely associated with a fictional family  Since 1997, when his longtime manager Paul Bearer introduced us to The Undertaker's younger brother, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kane, and revealed that The[...]
The Undertaker Will Reportedly Host A Talk Show On Peacock Soon
Fresh off of his well-earned retirement from the ring and his equally well-earned induction into the WWE Hall of Fame last week, WWE legend The Undertaker reportedly has one of his next ventures with the company already lined up and admittedly, it's not the most original idea in the world. The Undertaker on Peacock's Broken Skull Sessions[...]
WWE Reveals New Statue Of The Undertaker Ahead Of WrestleMania
 The use of these statues is anyone's guess, as there is no physical WWE Hall of Fame or museum to display them properly, but the gesture is a nice one and now the company has bestowed it on arguably their greatest character of all time, The Undertaker, ahead of his Hall of Fame induction tonight. The[...]
WWE's Most Odd Attempts At Patriotism Throughout Their History
Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII, courtesy of WWE. The Undertaker – A Patriotic Deadman The Undertaker's patriotic attire going into the 1993 Survivor Series, courtesy of WWE. The Undertaker has always been a hard sell as far as wrestling characters go, but thanks to decent storylines throughout the years and especially thanks to Mark Callaway's steadfast devotion to the character,[...]
Undertaker Says Brock Lesnar Wasn't Right Man To End The Streak
 The Undertaker was defeated at Wrestlemania  His challenger that night, Brock Lesnar, had succeeded where other men before him had failed 21 times over the course of 23 years  It was truly a shocking moment and maybe not in a good way  Well, now Taker himself is talking about the loss and it sounds like he too[...]
The Undertaker NFTs from WWE are going to make The Chadster a very rich man.
In fact, I've already sunk thousands of dollars into the NFT market, and that was before the greatest thing to happen in pretty much The Chadster's entire life occurred: WWE started making NFTs. The Undertaker NFTs from WWE are going to make The Chadster a very rich man. Starting at 10:30AM Eastern Time tomorrow, the first day[...]
Those Were the Days: WWE Star The Undertaker yearns for a time in the pro wrestling locker room where "men were men."
Greetings, comrades! Your El Presidente is back with a follow-up on the Undertaker story I filed earlier today As we know, the WWE legend was a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast where he talked about how much WWE sucks nowadays But it isn't just the in-ring product Old Man Taker has an issue with, my[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, reporting to you with the most shocking betrayal since that butthead Henrique Capriles tried to steal the presidency from me in 2012! For decades, WWE legend The Undertaker was a loyal company man, responding to the call whenever Vince McMahon needed him If there's one thing Vince[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
With the Undertaker for real this time totally definitely probably maybe retired for good, The Deadman will be looking for something new to do with all his free time According to WWE executive Triple H, Undertaker may find that something new as a coach at the WWE Performance Center. Would The Undertaker return for one last[...]
WWE's Tear-Jerking Final Farewell to the Undertaker's 30 Year Reign
The Undertaker made his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series, and it seemed only fitting for his final farewell to end where he started WWE hasn't officially revisited Undertaker since his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles back at WrestleMania in April, but Mark Calaway made it clear in interviews since then that he was hanging[...]
WWE's Undertaker: The Last Ride Documentary Heads to Blu-Ray, DVD
To celebrate a retirement tour rivaled in longevity only by the likes of KISS or Ozzy Osbourne, WWE plans to release The Undertaker: The Last Ride on Blu-Ray and DVD next week Hitting stores on November 23rd, the show will feature 20-minutes of deleted scenes and is also available in a special collectors edition that[...]
The Undertaker will totally retire for real this time at WWE Survivor Series
The Undertaker retirement tour is beginning to rival Ric Flair's or the rock band KISS After supposedly ending his career multiple times over the years, The Undertaker revealed during the Last Ride documentary that probably maybe definitely unless Vince McMahon really needs him, he wrestled his final match in the cinematic Boneyard Match with AJ[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
In a startling admission that they don't even know how to count, WWE has announced a new initiative on the WWE Network called "30 Days of the Deadman" which will consist of 5 days of special programming about The Undertaker Hoping to capitalize on the success of The Last Ride documentary that led to The[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
Back in June, after a career lasting more than three decades, The Undertaker finally announced in the finale of WWE's Undertaker: The Last Ride documentary that he is retiring Sort of Undertaker didn't actually say the word "retire," even though WWE immediately launched a tribute show and repeatedly called his match against AJ Styles at[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
In the wake of the last episode of WWE's documentary, Undertaker: he Last Ride, WWE has generated a ton of headlines claiming that the titular Taker has retired based on his comments at the end of the show Of course, the mainstream media is a lot less cynical of WWE than they should be, with[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
WWE's Last Ride documentary series featuring The Undertaker's struggles with giving up his in-ring career ended with the legendary wrestler declaring that he's finally done for good, which almost certainly means he'll be making a surprise return for next year's WrestleMania Undertaker expressed his satisfaction with his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles in the episode,[...]
Roman Reigns declares that WWE is his yard now: Raw, April 3, 2017
WWE legend The Undertaker has similar feelings to the ones you do about his WrestleMania 33 match with Roman Reigns, but for different reasons The Undertaker called the match "disappointing" in an interview on ESPN, as transcribed by 411 Wrestling However, it wasn't because the match was used as yet another way to force The[...]
It's AJ Styles and The OC taking on The Undertaker in a Boneyard Match, courtesy of WWE.
That's right, for seventy-five bucks, you, yes, you, can own your very own capsule of dirt from the very first Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles The dirt comes as part of a plaque commemorating the event and is one of only 536 limited edition capsules of dirt This is rare dirt, people[...]
WWE Superstars Are Now Added To "Brawlhala"
The four new names jumping in are "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Roman Reigns, Asuka, and The Undertaker We have a trailer for all four as well as what they can do to each opponent below Best of luck defeating them in Brawlhalla! Credit: Ubisoft The following WWE Superstar Epic Crossovers will be available for 300 Mammoth coins[...]
WWE Thrills at Mattel Panel, Reveals New Ghostbusters MOTU Crossovers
The jumpsuits are removeable, and they face off against a ghost version of the Undertaker The other crossover revealed was fittingly introduced by a video of The Game HHH claiming that "He has the Power" We all knew what that meant Continuing Mattel's Masters of the Universe push, WWE MOTU figures are on the way![...]
WWE Mattel Wresltemania Elite Collage
He is in his gear from his title match with Booker T at Wresltemania 19. #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Finally, what Mania set of figures would be complete without The Deadman? Undertaker will come with his entrence coat and[...]