Warner Bros Was Not Prepared For 'Wonder Woman' To Be A Smash Hit

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We have already reported that Patty Jenkins hasn't bee signed on to direct the sequel to Wonder Woman. We also reported on how that could be a huge problem if Jenkins decides to try and get a much better deal to return for the sequel. The Hollywood Reporter also mentioned all of these facts but they also mentioned something else.

Warners execs also may have been a bit unprepared for the level of success and acclaim Wonder Woman has achieved; initial tracking reports predicted Jenkins' $150 million-budgeted film would open to about $65 million domestic, solid but hardly a reason to begin planning a long-range strategy. And the studio had been focusing on putting together Justice League Dark, a supernatural team-up project, and Batgirl, a Joss Whedon-helmed film (among other Bat-offerings), as the likely next movies to go into production in the DC Comics universe.

So it appears that Warner Bros is moving ahead with Justice League Dark despite the director problems that they've had in the past. It also sounds like, with Wonder Woman doing so well, they are going to fast track the Joss Whedon Batgirl movie. There is also a very good chance that the sequel is going to show up a lot sooner than they might have initially planned. Are the ladies taking over the DCEU? Considering the one with the female lead is the only one to be a huge hit overall maybe they will.

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