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"Aquaman 2": Black Manta's Story Reportedly "Silver Age" Inspired

The movie world is in a bit of a pickle right now with coronavirus. When it comes to DC movies the more immediate question is whether or not Wonder Woman 1984 is going to have its release date delayed but there are other movies in development that could see setbacks. Production on The Batman was shut down […]

Jason Momoa Says He Pitched The Concept For "Aquaman 2"

Jason Momoa Says He Pitched The Concept For "Aquaman 2"

There's no denying that Warner Bros. Aquaman is one of the best DC projects in recent years, with overwhelming success from both critics and audiences. With that acclaim came the desire for a sequel, and Aquaman star Jason Momoa has now revealed that he's playing a role in the discussions for the proposed Aquaman 2. […]

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Jason Momoa Prideful Post of 'Shazam!' Support

Jason Momoa is super proud of his Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Comics cohort Zachary Levi and isn't afraid who knows it. In a post to his Instagram, Momoa poses with the Shazam! poster, mimicking Levi's signature lean (minus the bubble gum), and sings his prideful praise of the film and crew:   View this post on Instagram […]

There Will Be No Director's Cut of Aquaman

The DC movies are starting to get a bad reputation. The idea seems to be; release a shorter cut in theaters and then release an extended cut on home release. While extended cuts can be fine it's not a good thing when a good portion of your movies end up needing one. Aquaman is already […]


Warner Bros. Is Not Pressuring the Aquaman 2 Team to Rush the Sequel

It seems that Warner Bros. might have finally learned a lesson. There is nothing to be gained from a project that is rushed. You need to give your filmmakers time to craft their worlds and if you don't the movie could end up a mess. It's how the script for Suicide Squad was written in […]

Aquaman Producer Thinks The Trench Could Be Released Before Aquaman 2

When Warner Bros. announced their intentions to make a spin-off movie based on the Trench characters from Aquaman, fan reaction was a strange combination of surprised and not surprised. At this point, the movie was a certified smash hit with a worldwide box office of over a billion dollars. We knew a sequel was on […]

Aquaman 2 Snags a December 2022 Release Date

To the surprise of exactly no one, Warner Bros. is moving ahead with Aquaman 2 in a big way and have given the movie a release date. According to Deadline Warner Bros. and DC have decided to see if lightning can strike twice and Aquaman 2 will open on December 16, 2022. Much in the […]

Here's What We're Getting on the 'Aquaman' 4K, Blu-Ray

After breaking the $1 billion global box office mark, we know when Aquaman will be swimming to home physical media release, and what we'll be getting as far as extras go. The official Warner Bros. Pictures release of Aquaman on 4K UHD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD Special Edition will contain: · Going Deep Into the […]

Jason Momoa's Excited Response to 'Aquaman' Passing $1 Billion

This past weekend, Warner Bros. Pictures aquatic superhero film Aquaman hit a pretty big milestone at the worldwide box office–hitting and surpassing the $1 billion mark. Director James Wan already enthusiastically responded to the news, and now Arthur Curry himself (Jason Momoa) has something to say about it. Posted to the actor's Instagram account, this message […]

'Aquaman' Swims Past $1 Billion at Global Box Office

Judging by the steady growth of Warner Bros. Pictures Aquaman, we knew the Atlantean tale was likely to be hitting the giant box office milestone of $1 billion from the global market. As of today, that's happened, making Aquaman the second title in the DCEU to do so. That factoid could be skewed–it really depends on if […]

James Wan Shares Hidden Aquaman Creators Tribute from the Film

Aquaman is still king-fish at the box office, and director James Wan took to Twitter to share a bit of hidden aquatic easter egg knowledge. Apparently the production team invented a new form of Atlantean writing, which can be seen all over the place in the Warner Bros. Pictures film. One of the more interesting (and […]

That Time Aquaman [Jason Momoa] Crashed a Wedding Photoshoot

Jason Momoa is a treasure. We're not sure what KIND of treasure, but we're pretty sure he is one. The Aquaman star is well-known for his antics during photo-ops at conventions: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Jason Momoa LOVES To Take Pictures With Other People's Girlfriends | The Graham Norton Show ( […]

James Wan Wanted 'Aquaman' to be "Classic Action-Fantasy"

Filmmaker James Wan went into Warner Bros. Pictures feature film Aquaman with a desire to present the much-maligned hero in a more….heroic light. The fish-talkin' JLA member has always been the butt of countless jokes about talking to whales, getting caught in plastic soda rings, etc. Thankfully for fans of Aquaman, Wan's vision does exactly that. Part live-action Atlantis: […]

'Aquaman': Mera Showcase Another DC Base-Hit [Review]

Warner Bros. has managed to pull off another perfectly serviceable entry into their DC Extended Universe of films with Aquaman. Is it great or memorable? No, neither of those terms are likely to be at the forefront while you exit the theater, but that doesn't mean it's not a fun way to kick back for […]

Aquaman Review: Not a Disaster But Still a Giant Mess

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Aquaman isn't a top to bottom disaster like other DC projects, but it's still a mess of varying tones that don't work and a lead actor with no screen presence. Director: James Wan Summary: Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to […]

Why Cousin Rose Won't Be in the 'Downton Abbey' Movie

If you were a diehard Downton Abbey fan, perhaps you've been asking yourself, "why isn't Cousin Rose in the feature film?". If you're not asking that, don't worry- the character that Lily James played appeared at the very end of season 3, all throughout seasons 4 and 5, and in the very last episode of […]

Why Does China Love 'Aquaman' So Much?

Aquaman hasn't opened in the US yet and it's already racked over $250 million in overseas box office takings. That's a good sign for the movie. Reviews have been generally good, buzz has been good. People worldwide want to see it. And it looks like people in every other country has gotten to see it […]

'Aquaman' is the Live-Action 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'

While residents of the USA wait with bated breath for the theatrical release of Aquaman, Warner Bros. dropped some extra goodies to tide you over. In this newly released [obviously for the international market] featurette, we get a little bit of everything: Jason Momoa and Amber Heard chat a bit about director James Wan, Wan talks about the weapons of […]