Aquaman Director James Wan Was Given the Opportunity to Direct The Flash

People were a little surprised when DC and Warner Bros. announced that James Wan, mostly known for his work in horror movies, was going to direct Aquaman. It seemed like an interesting choice and one that is [so far] working out for them. It turns out that Wan wasn't just offered the directing chair for […]

Jason Momoa and Co Did the Haka at 'Aquaman' Premiere

Shocking no one, Jason Momoa's crew rolled deep at the Los Angeles premiere of Aquaman. So deep in fact that the King of Atlantis and co took to the ocean blue carpet to perform a traditional Haka. Jason Momoa performs a haka dance at the #Aquaman premiere — Variety (@Variety) December 13, 2018 You can […]

Aquaman Review: A Superhero Movie Without Any Depth [Spoiler Free, Ish]

I like superhero films, generally. I think I am genetically predisposed to get the most out of them. And, yes, that does include the likes of Batman Vs Superman which I enjoyed for its operatic scale. But Aquaman doesn't even command the string section. What went wrong, given it is directed by James Wan, I […]

Mariana Trench Scene | Aquaman (2018) Movie Clip HD

New 'Aquaman' Clip Intros The Trench from New 52

Followers of the Aquaman comic during the New 52 will no doubt recognize some characters in the newest video release from James Wan's Warner Bros. aquatic superhero film. The Trench, who were introduced by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis in their New 52 Aquaman run, are coming to the big screen: Aquaman director James Wan talked with […]

Box Office: 'Ralph' Still on Top, 'Aquaman' Rules China

Not much has changed at the box office from last weekend to now- Disney's Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet is till on top, with The Grinch, and Creed II bringing second and third. Warner Bros. aquatic superhero flick Aquaman debuted in China to a whooping $94 million, the best WB opening in that part of […]

IMAX Releases Exclusive Art for Aquaman

There are a lot of big releases this month but one of the biggest is the next entry from Warner Bros. and DC Comics Aquaman. Thus far there has only been one commercial and critical success in the Franchise; Wonder Woman. The other three did at least pretty good at the box office but not […]

Warner Bros. Already Planning 'Aquaman 2' Report Suggests

It's always kind of fun when a studio starts planning a sequel for a film that hasn't theatrically opened world-wide yet, which is reportedly the case for Warner Bros. with Aquaman. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter (which you REALLY have to read to get to this bit of info), Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman […]

Jason Momoa Says 'Aquaman' Happens Right After 'Justice League'

At a stop on the Aquaman press junket, Jason Momoa spoke to WSVN-TV about what the "Aquaman ending" would have been in Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League after answering a question about when within the DC Universe James Wan's Aquaman takes place. "Right after Justice League," Momoa says, before elaborating: "In Zack's cut, we had it where I was […]

James Wan Shares Times Square 'Aquaman' Photos

Aquaman director James Wan is on the New York leg of the world tour to promote the Warner Bros. live-action DC Comics film about the King of Atlantis. Wan stopped by Times Square to snap some photos of what the current billboard wraps around the brightly-lit area looks like right now, and his smile kind of […]

Aquatic Armor in New 'Aquaman' Images- King Orm Fights AC

Tuesday brings us two new images from the upcoming Warner Bros. DC Comics film Aquaman, and aquatic armor is the name of the game. Empire Magazine's upcoming Alita: Battle Angel issue has more than just Robert Rodriguez's upcoming CGI fest, there just happens to be two new images from James Wan's Aquaman. The two new photos feature Patrick Wilson as King […]

We're in China! | Jason Momoa Aquaman Press Tour

Wanna See What Jason Momoa is Doing on the 'Aquaman' Tour?

As it often happens with international tours for press for films, the USA crowd doesn't get to see a lot of what happens in foreign countries and such. Thankfully for Warner Bros. upcoming Aquaman film starring Jason Momoa, we're getting a pretty good glimpse. Just launched today, the official Jason Momoa Youtube channel features exactly one video […]

[SPOILER]'s 'Aquaman' Cameo Is Practically Perfect In Most Ways

We're less than a month from the theatrical release of Warner Bros. upcoming DC Comics film Aquaman, and that means additional not-previously-known tidbits are bubbling to the surface. Like yesterday's reveal that a certain international treasure will be making a cameo, at least in voice, in James Wan's aquatic superhero film. According to Entertainment Weekly, the LEGENDARY Dame Julie […]

Nicole Kidman Talks Her Aquaman Costume and a Scene Involving a Goldfish

It's still up in the air whether or not Aquaman is going to become the second movie in the DC universe be a commercial and critical hit the cast is really interesting. One of those interesting cast members is Nicole Kidman. Kidman is one of the great actresses of our generation but she has been […]

Final 'Aquaman' Trailer Arrives as Fandango Tickets Launch

The "final" trailer for Warner Bros. upcoming DC Comics superhero film Aquaman just splashed down this morning, as tickets for the film are now available on Fandango. This trailer repost comes to us from, and has some brand-new footage we haven't seen released yet: There was also a post of the trailer via Fandango's […]

Jason Momoa Shares New Poster for 'Aquaman'

It's almost time for James Wan's Aquaman to swim into theaters, and there isn't a day that goes by without a new piece of footage, trailer, or poster shows up.   The most recent one happens to come from Arthur Curry himself, Jason Momoa, who shared this new poster on this Instagram account.   View this post on […]

Aquaman JASON MOMOA as Aquaman

James Wan Talks One of the Giant Waves in the Aquaman Trailer

There are going to be a lot of waves in Aquaman but there is one shot that is drawing a lot of attention in the recent trailer. A huge tidal wave is seen approaching the coast with a battleship caught in the mayhem. James Wan spoke to Entertainment Weekly about that shot in particular and […]

Aquaman - Attitude (In Theaters December 21)

New Aquaman TV Spot Teases the Hero's Reluctance

While there is quite a bit of hype for Aquaman that doesn't mean that Warner Bros. doesn't potentially have a problem. They are opening up against Bumblebee and within days of not only Mary Poppins Returns and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. There are not guarantees as to who is going to make money or even […]

Aquaman: Jason Momoa Shows Off the Costume Plus a New Image

The month of December is packed full of movies with several studios set to earn big bucks for their productions. Out of all the studios though it is Warner Bros. that is likely the most nervous. Aquaman comes out and the reception to the DC Extended Universe has been lukewarm at best unless your movie […]