Was A Fake Batman V Superman Script Written By Kevin Smith?

KsmithWe've got our board member Maybeland to thank for this one. Movieweb.com is reporting that Warner Bros hired Clerks and Dogma writer/director Kevin Smith (not that he needs an introduction) to write a fake Batman v Superman script and leak it to the media as a red herring. The report says that the story leaks we've seen over the past six months all come from the fake script.

So is there a mis-information campaign being led by Smith? He has been dropping hints about the movie since his buddy Ben Affleck got the job as Batman. The media (this site included) spends a lot of time trying to get the inside scoop on movies and BvS news is a headline maker. It would be a brilliant move by the studio to leak a fake script and then send out cease and desist notices any time it gets posted (which the report says they are doing). By flooding the web with false information and casting rumors, the scoop seekers are too busy dealing with the fake leads to try and find real ones.

Then again, if I was a film executive and wanted to stop all the leaks on a major motion picture, what better way than leaking to the media that there is a fake script out there and everything they are hearing to be true isn't. So the story about the fake script might be the mis-information campaign and the script itself is real…

Wow, we just got totally meta up in here.

If this is true, it will be a bit of a game changer on how the entertainment media will run with proposed leaks. It would also mean that there is a Kevin Smith Batman v Superman script out there and I want to read it.

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