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Barbie Star Margot Robbie: "Whatever You're Thinking, It's Not That."
If you were to think about a project that would have Hollywood buzzing and people excited, you probably wouldn't think of Barbie, yet here we are It's a project that has been in varying forms of development hell for many years and has gone through several stars Back in January 2019, it was announced that[...]
Elton John and Mattel Unite for New Limited Edition Barbie
The legendary pianist, composer, singer, and songwriter Elton John is back as he teams up with Barbie That's right, Elton John is getting his very own unique Barbie Dolls, and she is The One fans have been looking for This limited edition collecting pays tribute to the singer's unique style as she wears rainbow-striped platform[...]
Funko Announces New Line of Pop Vinyls: Retro Toys
There will also be three Mattel Barbie Funko Pops that are dressed for success. On top of a Funko Pop wave of Retro Toys, there will also be two Pop Keychains and Mystery Minis The Mystery Minis is backed with more characters that the Pop wave like Cobra, Mr Monopoly, and a nice variety of Mr[...]
The Star Wars x Barbie Collection from Mattel Stormtrooper
Last year Mattel showed off its new line of Barbie Star Wars figures We got to see R2-D2, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia all get the VIP treatment They were all pretty popular and with May the 4th not too far in the past Mattel has revealed a second wave First up on the walkway[...]
Barbie And Star Wars Team Up For New Figures
Barbie has had some very creative crossover collaborations since their creation but this time these figures are out of this world Star Wars and Mattel are teaming up to release a new series of Barbie figures Three figures have been announced: Darth Vader, R2-D2 and the princess herself Princess Leia Unlike other figures though, two[...]
Mattel Releasing Mulder, Scully Barbies for 'The X-Files' 25th Anniversary
The X-Files fans of a certain age will no doubt recall the first time toymaker Mattel released a pair of Barbies based on the iconic FBI duo of Special Agent Fox Mulder and Special Agent Dr Dana Scully The partners were of course played in the Chris Carter-created FOX series created by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson,[...]
The Toys That Made Us Returns Announcement
Joe, Masters of the Universe, and Barbie toy lines The episodes go over the development fo the lines and feature interviews with collectors and the people who made the toys themselves This batch of episodes will have looks at Transformers, LEGO, Hello Kitty, and Star Trek. We have previously speculated and picked what episodes we would[...]
Mattel Releases New Barbie Collections For International Women's Day
Mattel, the makers of Barbie, conducted a survey of 8,000 mothers around the globe and found that 86% are worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to This caused the company to take a look at their current line of dolls and come up with a pretty great new crop of[...]
tomb raider Barbie
The woman of many jobs, Barbie, is going out treasure hunting as Lara Croft. Mattel has the new Tomb Raider Barbie, which is based on Alicia Vikander's upcoming portrayal of the iconic action hero The news hit first thanks to an IGN exclusive. Mattel unveiled the doll at the Mattel Collector event during the New York Toy Fair yesterday[...]