Preacher Season 2 Finale Recap: "Everything Has A Price"

preacher season 2 finale recap

Thanks for joining me for this moment of silence in honor of Preacher's Season 2 finale: the appropriately titled 'The End of the Road.'

I've got a ton of ground to cover, so check out the video below for my overview/recap of the episode, along with some Spare Parts that I picked up along the way. You can also check out the transcript of my live-blog of the episode here or by clicking the link after the video.

This isn't a formal review — more of a recap-ish type thing — but it will cover some themes and takeaways involving major and minor storyline developments from the episode. If you're not familiar with the comic book series or the show, you should definitely keep that in mind as you keep read on. If you're a fan of the series or have some idea of what's coming up, then spoilers probably aren't that big of a deal for you, but there may be some discussion of subtle changes that you might want to avoid until you see them for yourself.

To catch up on the action, you can get a full recap of 'The End of the Road' from AMC right here.

You can click here to read up on our live-blog of the episode:

preacher season 2 finale recap

I really appreciate all of you tagging along this season for our Preacher recaps and live-blogs, and I hope you join me again next season for Preacher Season 3! Keep reading Bleeding Cool, and we'll make sure to keep you posted on all the breaking Preacher news that comes our way.

preacher season 2 finale recap

preacher season 2 finale recap

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