Money in the Bank 2018 Upset: Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax

Going into this match, I was nervous. Nervous that WWE would drop Nia Jax's title to Ronda Rousey, a move that would seem premature and undeserving. But it would have made sense since she is going to be inducted into the 2018 UFC Hall of Fame, and having her wearing the RAW Women's title looks good. The match was pretty good, I am a big Jax fan, so I like watching her on TV. Overall I liked her run as champ too. Or at least I did.

WWE creative was at an all-time high with the anti-bullying story, showing that you can overcome bullies and obstacles. They had actual gold with Jax. Then for whatever dumb reason, they turned her character into a mean-spirited person — taunting opponents (including Rousey) and being, well, a heel again. It was in stark contrast and, again, shows that WWE has very little idea on what to do with some of their superstars. But still, she was champ, and frankly I was happy.

Last night's match was fine. It looked like Rousey was going to win, but then freshly minted (and back after some time) MITB Women's winner Alexa Bliss came out and stole back the title. I was shocked, I was upset, but I'm also glad the title didn't go to Rousey. I guess we'll go back to that Jax/Bliss feud.

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