Nerd Food: Keebler Scooby-Doo Graham Crackers

Snacking is an essential component of almost everyone's day. Finding nutritious and delicious snacks the whole family can enjoy is daunting, but not impossible. But what if your kid only likes snacks with cartoon characters on it? Those surely can't be good for you — right? Our friends at Keebler have found a peaceful solution to that conundrum with these Scooby-Doo  Graham Cracker snacks. Nine pieces of these themed snacks are only 140 calories, with 2 grams of protein and 40mg of potassium.

Keebler® Scooby-Doo!™ Graham Cracker Sticks Honey.
Keebler® Scooby-Doo!™ Graham Cracker Sticks Honey. Image Credit:

But chances are you (or your kids, if you have any) likely don't care about that. You probably care about one thing — how does it taste? These Scooby Snack shaped cracker taste like many other popular graham crackers — a mildly oaty flavor with honey. These aren't the most exciting things your taste buds will enjoy, but that's not a bad thing. These are the perfect snack for any time of the day, and people of all ages can enjoy them.

Keebler® Scooby-Doo!™ Graham Cracker Sticks Honey. Image Credit: Baltimore Lauren
Keebler® Scooby-Doo!™ Graham Cracker Sticks Honey. Image Credit: Baltimore Lauren

As I said earlier, they look exactly like the Scooby Snacks from the cartoon show. It's a little weird popping one of these bone-shaped crackers into your mouth — after all, they are inspired by an iconic dog treat — but you'll quickly get over it. Kids will get a kick out of these, especially if they enjoy creating their own Scooby-Doo adventures at home. The imprinted Scooby is easy to read, reminding you that yes, you are eating the real-life human consumption version of an animated dog's favorite treat.

With the new Scoob! movie available to stream at home, you can easily have a Scoob! inspired viewing party — even if the only participant is you. These are also great for those of you who cosplay as Scooby-Doo characters to conventions. I would seriously get a kick out of a Shaggy cosplayer eating these on the convention room floor!

Have you tried these snacks yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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