Supernatural Stars Padalecki Ackles Offer Quarantine Filming Updates

Supernatural Stars Padalecki, Ackles Offer Quarantine, Filming Updates

With the long-running series set to leave SPN Family members' screens after 15 seasons, The CW's Supernatural has seen its final run unexpectedly extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting television productions across the globe. With five of the remaining seven episodes filmed, series stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles used the occasion of a […]

Supernatural Stars Kansas SPN Fam Team for Wayward Son Sing-Along

Supernatural Stars, Kansas, SPN Fam Team for "Wayward Son" Sing-Along

When it comes to running initiatives to help raise money for worthy causes and charities in need, Supernatural star Misha Collins (aka Castiel) is a role model of how those with influence can use it to make a profound difference. Along with his current Super Good initiative with fellow actor Michael Sheen (Good Omens, Prodigal […]

Supernatural Season 14: Looking Back on Our Lucky 13 Episodes

Supernatural Season 14: Looking Back on Our "Lucky 13" Episodes

To me, these episodes showcase the reasons why Supernatural maintains such a strong and loyal following.So buckle-up, SPN Family! We’re about to take Baby on an emotional ride!Season 1, Episode 22: “Devil’s Trap” The epic Season 1 finale leaves fans reeling with a brutal, ballsy, and very Eric Kripke-esque cliffhanger The Winchesters’ lives hang in[...]

Funko Round-Up: Nacho Libre Dirty Dancing Spider-Verse Doctor Who and More

Funko Round-Up: Nacho Libre, Dirty Dancing, Spider-Verse, Doctor Who, and More!

They have revealed solo releases for Baby and Johnny, and a two-pack of the pair available exclusively at Target These will hit stores in December.Ralph Breaks the Internet opened on Wednesday, and it tore up the box office all weekend The scenes with the Disney Princesses stole the whole film, as expected Funko is doing[...]

More Joe Quesada One In A Hundred And Skottie Young Baby Variant Covers&#8230

More Joe Quesada One In A Hundred And Skottie Young Baby Variant Covers…

with exactly the way you might be able to get copies for yourself.The 1:100 Savage Wolverine cover by Joe QuesadaThe 1:100 Superior Spider-Man cover by Joe QuesadaSkottie Young Baby variant available to retailers who exceed 125% of their orders for AVX VS #3 wth order for the normal Savage Wolverine #1.The 1:50 Thor: God[...]

New Skottie Young Baby Covers For Marvel And NOW2

New Skottie Young Baby Covers For Marvel, And NOW2

February brings a batch of new Skottie Young "Baby Variant" covers, tiered to certain order levels, from Marvel Or the "Young Baby" variants, which still sounds weird.Retailers order Fearless Defenders #1 and Secret Avengers #1 can order extra Baby covers if their initial orders match those of AVX VS #6.Nova #1 has its Baby level[...]

Now Vampirella Gets A Baby Cover

Now Vampirella Gets A Baby Cover

Well, it worked for Marvel didn't it? Dynamite launches Vampirella Strikes in February with this Chris Elipoulos "Baby" "Cute" variant as a retailr incentiuve cover...VAMPIRELLA STRIKES #1 (of 6) 32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Teen+ Written by Tom Sniegoski Art by Johnny Desjardins Cover A) Michael Turner Cover B) David Finch Cover C) MIlo Manara Cover D) Johnny Desjardins • Chris Eliopoulos[...]

All The Skottie Young Marvel NOW Baby Variant Covers

All The Skottie Young Marvel NOW! Baby Variant Covers

Following on from the Avengers Vs X-Men variant cover comissioned by Midtown and the A Babies Vs X-Babies comic that it inspired, come the reast of the Skottie Young Baby Variant covers for Marvel books, part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch.I'll just shut up and run them full size.. just remember where you saw them[...]

Baby Arthur Recreates Scenes From Rambo The Seventh Seal American Beauty And More

Baby Arthur Recreates Scenes From Rambo, The Seventh Seal, American Beauty And More

In order to maintain our spotless reputation, we have to maintain an air of dignity and sobriety, writing about things that have a profound impact on both the mediums in which they are situated and the cultures that produce them, and...And...Aaahhh, look at the baby!!!Ahem Sorry about that Writer Emily Cleaver has created a blog[...]

Blowing Up The Baby In Demon Knights #1

Blowing Up The Baby In Demon Knights #1

Here's the scene in question.In the first issue, after opening scenes in which Merlin binds Jason Blood to Etrigan and Madama Xanadu misses out on Excalibur, the bad guys of Demon Knights receive information from a demon, that they manifest inside a baby, in the village they are visiting.The baby then explodes.The father of[...]

Logan Jumps From 158th To 28th Top Baby Name In A Decade

Logan Jumps From 158th To 28th Top Baby Name In A Decade

You can probably blame Mr Law for Jude jumping from 174th to 88th place.But Logan makes an even more impressive leap from 158th to 28th place since 2000, just before the X-Men films began.In 2010, there were 2534 baby boys named Logan in England and Wales.Whether they are all the best there is at what[...]

DC Relaunch: Jim Lees Latest Project

DC Relaunch: Jim Lee's Latest Project

Jim Lee tweeted the following pic, stating; More SUPERnews…explains why [Carla Michelle Lee]'s been more radiant than ever Congratulations to Jim and Carla from Bleeding Cool Towers. And we're pleased that Dan DiDio has guaranteed all new projects will ship on time…