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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Be Coming Out In May
Electronic Arts and BioWare revealed today that the long-awaited Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be coming out this May Now you'll be able to play as Commander Shepard in 4K Ultra HD with HDR as you go through the first three games in the franchise, reliving all of the memorable moments and maybe some you[...]
Mass Effect Gets A New Teaser Trailer For The Next Game
Courtesy of BioWare. We also see footage of a crew of people on a snow-covered planet finding wreckage pieces with the N7 lavel on it, only to cut away and see a ship in the distance with the XT8 logo on the side to signify that the people there are from the Alliance What does all[...]
BioWare Shows Off A New Trailer For Dragon Age
During The Game Awards 2020 this week, BioWare decided to finally show off what they've been working with on the new Dragon Age game First and foremost, the company basically confirmed a rumor that had been going around for a minute without much to back it up, saying that this was essentially going to be[...]
BioWare Studio Head & Dragon Age 4 EP Abruptly Quit Company
In a piece of news that's going to be talked about for a while, there's been a shakeup at BioWare with Dragon Age 4 BioWare's GM Casey Hudson and Dragon Age 4's Executive Producer Mark Darrah both announced on the same day that they have departed the company The news came down from BioWare themselves[...]
Star Wars: The Old Republic Is Now Available On Steam
Electronic Arts and BioWare have made the popular MMORPG set int eh Star Wars universe completely free to play for everyone starting today You can create your character and send them off down whatever path you choose, and whether that be with the Light or Dark Side of the Force, whether that be a Bounty[...]
"Anthem" Is Getting A Complete Reword According To Devs
According to a brand new blog post on BioWare's website, Anthem is going to be getting an overhaul which includes a complete rework BioWare's Casey Hudson let players know that the game would be getting some changes in the months to come And while the current season won't see much in changes, the game itself[...]
Is BioWare Teasing a New "Mass Effect" Remaster?
Credit: BioWare Okay, BioWare Time to 'fess up Are you hiding something Mass Effect-related behind these recent tweets you've been posting? Because it certainly seems like you are. Earlier today, the official BioWare Twitter account posted a scene from the beginning of the original Mass Effect along with a caption tagged "#MassRelays." The tweet had no additional[...]
the witcher
The main characters are all members of an aristocratic family fighting to put who they think is the right person on the throne. That aspirational theme is also in Bioware's role-playing games, whose model The Witcher games also used In Bioware games like Mass Effect, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age, you play a character who starts[...]
The Onslaught Expansion For "Star Wars: The Old Republic" Is Available
This week, BioWare released a brand new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, as the developers plan to bring on the Onslaught to the MMORPG Like a lot of expansions for the series, dark forces are looking to take over the Republic, and you'll be on the frontlines deciding thre fate of the galaxy[...]
Bioware Talks Long-Term Support For "Anthem" In New Blog
So Bioware took the initiative this week to write a new blog post about the game and address the issues of the game's long-term support In a new entry written by Bioware's Head of Live Service Chad Robertson, he talks about the most recent in-game event and the fans concerns over gameplay We have the[...]
E3: Is Nintendo Winning Back Hardcore Gamers? [OPINION]
Bioware and Rocksteady previously released Mass Effect 3 and Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham City games for the Wii U Ubisoft ported Assassin's Creed III to the Wii U and Switch CD Projekt announced at E3 they will port The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the Switch. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled:[...]
BioWare has "Learned to Listen to What Fans Want" in Regards to "Anthem"
BioWare's Ben Irving popped up on the stream to chat about the game's presence at EA Play, which is really focused just on the game's influencers and the game's Cataclysm event that's live right now That said, they do have a booth at EA Play, so you can check that out if you like. Host Greg Miller asked[...]
Anthem's Cataclysm Event Seems Underwhelming
BioWare revealed Anthem's endgame Cataclysm event on Twitch yesterday, and while the event looks pretty cool, it doesn't do enough for fans already bored of the game. The Cataclysm event will last six weeks, and functions like a freeplay mode set in a special instanced area with its own map The map will change week to week,[...]