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super bowl
Except, as of the time that this is being written, a whole lot of Philadelphia Eagles fans are left to just watch their frustration levels rise as Comcast/Xfinity cable & internet outages have hit the city whose team is vying for the big prize Reports are that a large chunk of the outages is hitting[...]
A little more than two years after Comcast Spectacor announced during the virtual San Diego Comic-Con 2020 that the video game & geek content network G4 TV would be returning and a year after its launch, Deadline Hollywood is reporting exclusively that Spectacor CEO Dave Scott has officially notified all employees that the company will[...]
warner bros
Earlier this month, we jumped on the speculation bandwagon that it was possible that Warner Bros Discovery David Zaslav and his team were preparing the company to eventually be bought by Comcast (owner of NBCUniversal) sometime in 2024 But based on what Zaslav had to share during a WBD-wide "town hall" Zoom meeting, no one's[...]
warner bros
What if all of this is just another stage in a very different endgame, one that would see Comcast stepping in to combine Warner Bros Discovery with NBCUniversal (which Comcast owns)? Image: Warner Bros Discovery/NBCUniversal Considering WBD's financial and structural challenges, a "final" flip isn't proving to be too shocking to those behind the scenes, even though[...]
Peacock logo (Image: NBCUniversal)
As "The Great Streaming Wars of 2020" rage on, NBCUniversal looks to be boosting its frontlines with a greater focus on new streaming service Peacock, but could that decision be the death knell to linear/broadcast television as we know it? During Comcast's second-quarter 2020 conference call, NBCU CEO Jeff Shell revealed to analysts that NBCUniversal[...]
A scene from the 1960s Village of the Damned (Image: MGM).
The Night Manager and Hanna writer David Farr is teaming up with Comcast-owned European broadcaster Sky for an eight-part series adaptation of John Wyndham's (The Day Of The Triffids) sci-fi novel The Midwich Cuckoos For those not familiar with the title, you might remember it better from the two movies it inspired (and the creepy[...]
Good News, Netflix! 'Friends' Might Be Staying! Bad News, Netflix! It's Gonna Cost Ya!
When Netflix subscribers learned in late 2018 that they would be able to put off saying goodbye to Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Monica (Courtney Cox), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) for at least another year, it was like the holidays had come early for Friends fans. Best part? That "friendship" might[...]
Fox Planning 'Simpsons' Sequel, 'Bob's Burgers', and 'Family Guy' Films
In additional "really, Fox?" news today, it would appear that plans are in motion for up to three feature film projects including a sequel to The Simpsons Movie, a Bob's Burgers movie, AND a live-action-mixed Family Guy movie. This news comes buried in a lengthy report from The Wall Street Journal updating readers on the current state of the[...]
Analysts Think That Comcast Will Make a Counteroffer for Fox
However, it sounds like people believe that Comcast could swoop in to make a last-minute counteroffer According to Business Insider several analysts believe that this bidding war isn't over. "I do think that it's likely," RBC Capital Markets analyst Steven Cahall said.In a note sent out to clients, Cahall predicted Comcast could indeed make another bid[...]
The Department of Justice Has Approved the Disney-Fox Deal
Comcast could still step in with another counteroffer, and there is still the scheduled July 10th meeting to hammer out more details. It's interesting that the DOJ didn't consider the massive monopoly this would give Disney as far as the box office goes At the moment they hold 36.4% of the total box office for 2018,[...]
Disney Fires Back with a $71.3 Billion Offer for Fox
According to Bloomberg Disney has raised their bid to $71.3 billion or $38 a share to outbid the cash offer that Comcast put down for $65 billion The offer is $10 a share higher than what Disney offered Fox back in December, and sources say that Fox has accepted the deal, though that appears to[...]
Analysts Say the Ball is in Disney's Court Now
Comcast threw a wrench into what was going to be one of the biggest media mergers ever when they threw out a $65 billion bid for 21st Century Fox assets Disney hasn't responded yet or said whether or not they will match the bid Deadline spoke to several analysts to see what they think about[...]
20th Century Fox Responds to Comcast's Bid
Earlier today Comcast put in a bid for 20th Century Fox that throws a real twist into the Disney-Fox merger that everyone was expecting It's a bid of $65 billion so Fox would be silly if they didn't at least consider it According to Deadline Rupert Murdoch made a comment on the new bid "21st[...]
Jackbox is Bringing their Party Games to Comcast Xfinity X1
Jackbox Games is bringing their extensive line of multiplayer party games to Comcast customers Comcast customers can nab the packs directly through their TVs thanks to the Xfinity X1 service So now even Comcast customers can experience the joy of Jackbox Games. To access Jackbox's collection of games, customers can say "Jackbox Games" into their X1[...]
21st Century Fox President Comments on Those Comcast Rumors
Is it happening? When is it happening? What does this mean for my favorite intellectual property? There are a lot of people asking a lot of questions, and the reports that Comcast had thrown their name into the hat was making some fans — Marvel fans excited to see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four[...]
disney 21st Century Fox logo
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Comcast is no longer pursuing a deal Experts are saying that this development signals a deal may be close with Disney The Philadelphia-based cable giant appeared to be interested in some of Fox's film and television assets, specifically the ones that would grow the company's global reach like[...]
Call Of Duty: WWII
Starting on August 25th, the beta version of Call of Duty: WWII will be available for FREE to all XFINITY Internet customers because of a recent partnership between Activision and Comcast. Xfinity customers will get access to the Call of Duty: WWII Private Multiplayer Beta, which is starting first on PlayStation 4 on August 25 and[...]
NBC Universal Pushes Neilsen Alternative To Selling Advertising Inventory
NBCU is saying that ATP buys will be "fully guaranteed" to deliver "precisely defined customers" across all platforms. This is part of what NBCU calls their Symphony strategy, which allows buyers to promote their products using the company's celebrities across all of their broadcast, cable and digital platforms and can even tap into Comcast's, their parent[...]
NBC/Spectrum Negotiation Problems Could Leave Millions Without WWE Wrestling
Rival cable giant Comcast, which owns NBCUniversal, is encouraging Charter customers to pressure Charter to make a deal However, if you want to do something about this, don't bother harassing either company. Both sides obviously want to reach a deal here for their own reasons, and any encouragement from either side to pressure the other is[...]
Mighty No. 9 Has Finally Gone Gold Ahead Of June Launch
I wasn't bowled over by what I played a while back, but lets hope Comcast really found the Mega Man roots in that time. Mighty No 9 has had a 'troubled' existence, shall we say The game was met with huge enthusiasm on Kickstarter, but that was nearly three years ago, and thanks to a[...]