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Rise Of The Third Power Finally Receives A Release Date
Dangen Entertainment announced that the long-awaited game Rise Of The Third Power finally had an official release date for PC and consoles Developed by the two-person team at Stegosoft Games, this game has been in the public eye since 2017, as it is a total throwback to the classic RPG's of the SNES era of[...]
OneShot Coming To Consoles Sometime In 2022
Dangen Entertainment is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the game OneShot by revealing the indie hit is coming to consoles Back in late 2016, this game was all the rage with indie fans as it was a mysterious and enlightening adventure that had some fun and interesting mechanics Such as finding clues by opening files[...]
DANGEN Entertainment Reveals Their Next Game Evertried
DANGEN Entertainment along with developers Lunic Games and Danilo Domingues revealed when their latest game, Evertried, will be released If you're not familiar with the game, this is a tactical rogue-lite set in the afterlife where you've taken on the role of a fallen warrior Your job is to ascend a mysterious tower filled with[...]
DANGEN Entertainment Reveals Their Next Game Evertried
DANGEN Entertainment revealed a brand new game this week with developer Lunic Games as they unveiled Evertried This particular title is an isometric tactical rogue-lite with turn-based combat, where you are a fallen warrior in the afterlife who must ascend a mysterious tower Every floor you ascend to has its own unique properties and challenges,[...]
Kingdom Of Night Gets A New Trailer & Secondary Fundraiser
Dangen Entertainment revealed a new trailer this week for their upcoming game Kingdom Of Night, along with a new fundraiser The game itself was already successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter getting us to where they are now in development, so the game is going to come out regardless However, the team has opened up what they're[...]
DANGEN Entertainment Reveals Minoria Will Be Coming In September
DANGEN Entertainment revealed today that Minoria will be coming to all three major consoles this September The game has been designed to serves as the spiritual sequel to Bombservice's Momodora series, and in that respect, you'll see a lot of parallels between that series and this one It's not a copy or even an homage,[...]
Dangen Entertainment Announces The "Vestaria Saga" Release Date
Dangen Entertainment released a new trailer this morning for Vestaria Saga, giving the game's official release date in the process And the date is coming up faster than expected as it will be released on December 27th, 2019 Yes, four days from now, which is not as long a wait time as we had thought[...]
"Disc Creatures" Brings Retro-Tinged Monster Collecting to PC This Month
Credit: DANGEN Entertainment Disc Creatures is a nostalgia trip in the form of a game Pokémon Sword and Shield is right around the corner in November, but this game can help you channel the classic days of Pokémon on the original Game Boy. Disc Creatures, from PICORINNE SOFT, is a turn-based, monster-collecting RPG[...]
Kingdom of Night Nabs Rocky IV Composer For Soundtrack
DANGEN Entertainment announced this week that their soundtrack is going to get much more '80s as Vince DiCola will be providing the music for Kingdom of Night One of the game's stretch goals for the company on Kickstarter was met, meaning that they would be able to afford to bring on DiCola as part of[...]