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Rewriting Jason Todd's Origin Back To Stealing Batmobile Wheels In DC Rebirth
As we said, it's a relaunch with a modicum of reboot. Newsarama has run preview pages from two DC Rebirth titles yesterday and it looks like a number of Rebirth previews will be rolling out across DC Comics' media partner sites.  Red Hood And The Outlaws: Rebirth #1 is rewriting Jason Todd's origin back to the post-Crisis[...]
Batman's Plan To Take Down The Trinity – Francis Manapul Talks DC Rebirth
And as part of the DC Rebirth Previews, he describes how he sees the three… BATMAN "Bruce is apprehensive about everyone and likes to play the part of a loner, but even he understands the value of friends…This doesn't mean he doesn't have a plan to take them down just in case." WONDER WOMAN "Diana's ability to[...]
Who Is The New Oracle In Batgirl & The Birds Of Prey – More DC Rebirth Details
So why are the Birds Of Prey pback together in DC Rebirth? A mysterious new criminal operative called Oracle has declared war on Gotham, so naturally, Babs Gordon —aka super-cyber hero Oracle in a previous guise–takes exception to someone smearing her legacy As sibling co-writers Julie and Shawna Benson explain "The book isn't called BATGIRL AND[...]
Batgirl Turns From Burnside To Jack Kerouac – More DC Rebirth Details
"Batgirl will be Babs on solo adventures, continuing that vibe of a young, twenty-something superhero, carving out her own little corner in the coolest, scariest city in the world." Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here.   While in the Batgirl solo title, Barbara Gordon is on a road trip. Having just (barely!) survived the Battle[...]
Gotham Comes To Gotham For Batman With Tom King And David Finch, More DC Rebirth Details
The DC Rebirth Previews looks at a new hero in Gotham, to beat Batman, from Tom King and Davif Finch. And he – or she – is called Gotham. Which won't get confusing at all. "Gotham needs saving!" "No, I'm fine!" "Not you Gotham, city Gotham!" "Try to be more specific next time!" Physically, metaphorically, in every way possible, Gotham City has[...]
Bleeding Cool Sees The Back Of DC Comics Rebirth – And The Return Of The JSA
Bleeding Cool were the first to show you what the front cover of this week's DC Comics Previews would look like… Well now we get to show you what the back cover looks like. Note the Justice Society Of America and a Eighties-style Justice League Of America, red trunked Superman and all… but with Cyborg. Read more on[...]
A Final DC Rebirth Word From Dan DiDio
A final word from Dan DiDio from the DC Rebirth Previews…. He's just outdone the The Outhousers and Dennis Barger Goodnight all See you tomorrow. Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. A final word from Dan DiDio from the DC Rebirth Previews…. He's just outdone the The Outhousers and Dennis Barger[...]
New Artwork Commissioned For Titans? More DC Rebirth
Detauls on the new Titans series spill out of this weeks DC Rebirth After-hours meetings, editors standing guard over whirring printers, hushed hallway chatter…something big is happening in TITANS #1. Pressed for details, Assistant Editor Brittany Holzherr waved us off with a smirk: "Go talk to Alex." So, we cornered TITANS editor Alex Antone next. Why the secretive meetings[...]
Cyborg Faces A 404 Error In DC Rebirth
Is he really the man his father fought to save, or just a machine that thinks it's a man? Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. From this week's DC Previews… The hard-wired hero CYBORG faces a fatal system crash over his latest identity crisis: Is he truly more dead than alive? When your own father doesn't recognize[...]
Who Wants To Be A Million Killer?  John Constantine Phones A Friend In DC Rebirth
From this week's DC Rebirth Previews, Hard-hearted Hellblazer John Constantine returns home to London to face an impossible choice live an immortal life bonded to a demonic curse, or shift that curse to a million people … killing them What to do, what to do. Um… probably go with the former? Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. [...]
The Status Of Green Arrow In DC Rebirth
By the end of the first arc, Oliver's status quo will be rattled so badly, his choices as a superhero will never be the same again. Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. From this week's DC Previews… The way the Emerald Archer lives his life will change forever as Green Arrow is betrayed by[...]
It's All About Black Manta, For Aquaman On DC Rebirth
For Manta, victory is simple: seeing the dreamer and his dream burn. Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. With this cancelled Batgirl swipe cover look, DC Previews this week sees as Dan Abnett and Brad Walker bring Aquaman beginning dilomatic relations with Atlantis and the surface And a Manta opposed to his every move. THE[...]
Superman – The Last One Standing? More DC Rebirth Details
  For hose of you playing along at home, the DC Rebirth details combined with the most recent issue of Superman – it doesn't look good for the New 52 Man Of Steel anyway It looks as if his powers have been split between New Super-Man, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, as we get a remake of[...]
Damian Wayne's Take On His Fellow Teen Titans – More DC Rebirth Details
Here, thanks to this week's DC Rebirth Previews, is his take on the Teen Titans. BEAST BOY "I love Beast Boy as much as I pity him That's because he's anybody's best friend Like every actor, he wants to make you smile, wants to make you love him He's always thinking about you, so he doesn't[...]
Lex Luthor – The Man Who Beat Superman, In Action Comics Details For DC Rebirth
From the DC Rebirth Previews out this week… Lex Luthor? What's his deal? Superman's greatest foe and tech billionaire, Luthor's been waiting for a chance to name himself protector of Metropolis When he sees his shot, Luthor doesn't hesitate to jump to the defense of his great city. APPEARING IN: ACTION COMICS from writer Dan Jurgens and[...]
The Continuity Of Wonder Woman To Be Made Sense Of – DC Rebirth Details
Especially with the amount of times her history has been rewritten over the decades. Rather than seeing this as a weakness new writer Greg Rucka seems to be using this as a strength. This week's DC Rebirth Previews gives us details, and maybe what Rucka would have planned for Wonder Woman: Earth One if he'd been allowed. "having[...]
Will Doomsday, Mr Mxyzptlk Or General Zod Join Suicide Squad For Rebirth?
Jim Lee talks about his plans for Suicide Squad in the DC Rebirth Previews out this week. "I love that they're all lovable losers These are villains not good enough to escape Amanda Waller, but who have enormous responsibility I love the idea that they could possibly redeem themselves." "I'm really looking forward to doing some cool[...]
The Threats Faced By The Green Lanterns – More DC Rebirth Details
The DC Rebirth Previews lay out the threats facing the Green Lanterns in their new title, Green Lanterns… THREAT ASSESSMENT #1: EACH OTHER (Low) Simon Baz barely trusts his ring, so what makes you think he trusts new Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz, who once found herself controlled by an evil ring that preyed on the weak and fearful? THREAT[...]
Supergirl, Agent of DEO – More DC Rebirth Details
From the DC Rebirth Previews out this week… Supergirl What's her deal? Supergirl is back and working for the DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) to defend National City from those who would do it harm, As Kara Danvers, average American high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth[...]
Red Hood And The Outlaws In DC Rebirth – With Artemis And Bizarro
Joined by a fallen Amazon named Artemis, and a half-baked Superman clone named Bizarro, this dark trinity will soon discover that the line between hero and villain is difficult to discern… Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. We got next to no details about this Rebirth series in the Wondercon announcements, save that Red Hood & The[...]
New Super-Man To Join Justice League Of China? More DC Rebirth Details
From the DC Rebirth Previews out this week… New Super-Man What's his deal? Throughout Chinese history, great figures of tremendous importance built China into a, powerhouse of community and industrial strength. So wait'll they get a load of Kenji Kong! When an impulsive act of heroism thrusts the arrogant young Kenji into the limelight of Shanghai, some[...]
What Is Nightwing Up To In DC Rebirth? And Yes, There Are Spoilers
And the DC REbirth Previews has a bit of a spoiler to spill… With his time in Spyral over and his secret identity restored, Dick's back in his classic black-and-blue as Nightwing again! Leader of the Titans Bat-family badass Solo superhero strike force First up on the vigilante to-do list: take down the Parliament of Owls. Read[...]
It's Official – Lois Lane Is Superwoman In DC Rebirth
Will Lois even survive long enough to find out the deadly secret of ULTRA-WOMAN? APPEARING IN: SUPERWOMAN written and drawn by Phil Jimenez STATUS QUO SHIFT: From star reporter to superhero! WHY THEY WEAR THE SHIELD: To continue the legacy of Superman and make the world a better place! So… what did happen to the New 52 Superman? Read more[...]
Geoff Johns' 3 Big Surprises From DC Universe: Rebirth #1
I encourage you all to do the same… Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. Geoff Johns runs down the three huge surprises spinning out of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 in May THE JOKER "Remember this scene from Justice League #48? Well, at the end of Darkseid War there's a secret about the Joker that Batman will uncover[...]
Geoff Johns Explains The Four Chapters Of DC Universe: Rebirth #1
From the DC Rebirth Previews coming this week, Geoff Johns wants everyone to avoid spoilers And yes I am aware of the irony of running this… "Beginning with DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1, the original universe evolves by mixing traditional values and a modern aesthetic." Geoff Johns is telling a story—and it's got the attention of every-one in the[...]
Geoff Johns' Address To DC Comics Readers, For Rebirth
And a -Rebirth" starts with bringing something back that's been missing… For the DC Universe, it's about more than just the heroes or villains we might not have seen in a while: it's about the intrinsic values of what DC Comics and its universe stand for. That's epic storytelling. That's legacy and honoring the past, while moving it[...]
Gotham Academy Will Relaunch In September From DC Rebirth
Just as they promised… Gotham Academy: Second Semester may not have been mentioned in the Wondercon presentation but it is coming – with Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan and Karl Keschl. So, yes, Maps lives.  And Blue Beetle #1 launching in September after its Rebirth issue. Read more on Bleeding Cool's DC Rebirth coverage here. [...]