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MST3K: Felicia Day & Jonah Ray on Returning to Series Scrappy Roots
Thanks to the efforts of crowdfunding off of Kickstarter, the franchise made its triumphant return on its own streaming service called The Gizmoplex set to make its return on May 6. Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day in Mystery Science Theater 3000 Image courtesy of The Gizmoplex The new run will feature primarily its Netflix cast including Felicia[...]
How We Won The War - Mathew Klickstein's Oral History Of Comic-Con
With forwards from Stan Sakai and Jeff Smith, and an afterword by afterword by Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, it includes reminiscences of Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Bruce Campbell, Felicia Day, Scott Aukerman, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragonés, Trina Robbins, the Russo Bros., Lloyd Kaufman, Tim Seeley, Kevin Eastman and more. A comprehensive chronicle of Comic-Con International[...]
He moves in with his friends (Jonah Ray, Felicia Day) and hangs out with long-time friends (Gavin Stenhouse, Lyndie Greenwood) During one of the hangouts, they create the "Pooka Challenge" to mess with the internet bullies that won't leave Derrick alone What they don't know is that the challenge summons multiple murderous versions of Pooka,[...]
'Nailed It!' Season 3: This Black Panther Cake Has No Respect for Wakanda [PREVIEW]
Part competition and part hot mess, the third season features guest judge Felicia Day (The Guild) for a very special Marvel Entertainment-themed episode – which brings us to the following preview from "The Marvel Episode." Tasked with creating a Black Panther-themed cake, the following "anti-food whisperer" did… well… how to put this? The phrase "Japanese anime horror[...]
Shout! Factory at SDCC: Signings with the Cast and Creators of MST3K, Gravity Falls
A fan-driven insider's event filled with lively discussion and a few surprises, this panel discussion and Q&A will be moderated by Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits. Thursday, July 19th 2 pm-3pm        Signing with Felicia Day and Steve Vance of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return * Signing will take place at the Sails Pavilion at AA18[...]
She is played by fan-favorite actress Felicia Day (Supernatural, The Guild, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) And while the character is surprisingly up and peppy all the time, Day describes her as, "geeky, loves dragons, loves knowledge and will do whatever it takes to advance her knowledge and her own agenda." The video below contains spoilers[...]
ReedPOP, Syfy Wire to Live-Stream NYCC, ECCC and C2E2 in New Deal
Some coverage will also be featured on Syfy's television channel. "We're thrilled to provide [Syfy Wire fans] a front-row seat to so much exclusive content from ReedPOP's cons, regardless of whether they can attend in person." – Matthew Chiavelli, Senior VP of Digital, Syfy Emerald City Comic Con is first up on the calendar, running from March 1-4 at Seattle's Washington[...]
Felicia Day
On tonight's episode of The Magicians, Felicia Day joins the cast as a character straight from the book Day will be playing Poppy, a dragon expert from Brakebills who meets up with Quentin (Jason Ralph) Quentin is out on the seas looking for the next key, and you have to wonder: will a dragon expert[...]
mst3k season 2
If that wasn't bad enough, it's being orchestrated under the cruel, sadistic watch of Felicia Day's Kinga Forrester and Patton Oswalt's Max ("TV's Son of TV's Frank"). The renewal announcement came at the end of MST3K's annual Thanksgiving marathon, which streamed on Shout! Factory TV, the Shout! Factory TV Twitch Channel, the Pluto TV MST3K channel and[...]
stretch armstrong
The show features the talents of Scott Menville, Steven Yeun, Ogie Banks, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Keith David, Kate Mulgrew, Walter Koenig, Nazneen Contractor, and Josh Keaton All of them are great and bring an enthusiasm that can be felt through the screen Especially Wheaton and the great Keith David — their scenes together are[...]
Felicia Day
Syfy series The Magicians has cast Felicia Day (Supernatural) in the role of dragon expert Poppy for the upcoming third season The series is an adaptation of the Lev Grossman novels and stars Jason Ralph as Quentin Coldwater, Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker, Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh, Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi, Summer Bishii[...]
A BC October: Halloween Safety Tips From 'Skylanders Academy'!
Created by Eric Rogers (Futurama) and based on the popular Skylanders videogame franchise, the action-comedy centers on the band of heroes as they train under the watchful eye of Master Eon (Chris Diamantopoulos) learning how to keep peace and protect their homeland from the constant threat of villainous forces. Along with a new class of cadets, and[...]