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LOS ANGELES - FEB 13: Ronald D. Moore arrives for the ‘Outlander’ Season 5 Premiere on February 13, 2020, in Hollywood, CA (DFree/

Outlander EP Ronald D. Moore on Star Wars Series That Might've Been

Moore arrives for the ‘Outlander’ Season 5 Premiere on February 13, 2020, in Hollywood, CA (DFree/[/caption]But we can't help playing a round of "What Might've Been"; in this case, that time in 2004 when George Lucas was looking to develop a live-action Star Wars spinoff series entitled Star Wars: Underworld Moore was part of the[...]

“Indiana Jones 5”: Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy – “Only Harrison Ford Can Play Role”

"Indiana Jones 5": Harrison Ford Says Production Begins Summer 2020

While The Last Crusade was supposed to be the final film of the franchise, creator George Lucas decided to write The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) 19 years later The only common thread among them is Lucas, Ford, writer Philip Kaufman, and director Steven Spielberg.The Indiana Jones franchise grossed a combined $1.961 billion worldwide[...]

“Indiana Jones 5”: Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy – “Only Harrison Ford Can Play Role”

"Indiana Jones 5": Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy – "Only Harrison Ford Can Play Role"

It also teased their son Mutt Williams (Shia LaBeouf) would succeed the protagonist Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr’s (Ford) place.Created by George Lucas, Steven Spielberg returns as franchise director to helm the fifth film Crystal Skull co-writer David Koepp is expected to return to pen the script with Jonathan Kasdan In an interview with the Today[...]

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker- A Mess of a Movie, But Ultimately Enjoyable [REVIEW]

Is "Star Wars" Worth the Headache for Directors Anymore [OPINION]

While the public’s largely accepted the Star Wars’ franchise permanent place in pop culture, there seems to be an ongoing internal struggle between fans and the conglomerate.[caption id="attachment_741506" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Lucasfilm[/caption] Why We Can't Have Nice Things Since Return of the Jedi’s release, George Lucas decided to renovate and reinvent the Star Wars franchise through his Special[...]

2019 Fall Preview: What Disney/Fox Movies Bleeding Cool Staff are Hyped For (Yes, Star Wars)

What if I Hate The Rise of Skywalker: Episode III: A New Hope

Last week I started getting worried about Star Wars and, specifically, JJ Abrams and the direction of The Rise of Skywalker. This led me down a dark path, but one which I hope I have emerged from, like the cave on Ahch-To or Dagobah, with greater wisdom and perspective. This is my journey: WAR! […]

"Star Wars": New Picture of Rey from "The Rise of Skywalker"

What if I Hate the Next Star Wars Movie? Episode I: The Fandom Menace [OPINION]

(Knives Out is spectacular and you should really go see it.) I also really like JJ Abrams and his workmanlike ability to synthesize Spielberg, Lucas, and all the other filmmakers I love into substantive popcorn flicks, from Star Trek to Super 8. Return of the Franchise One of the reasons I loved The Force Awakens so much[...]

Disney Has Chance to Fix Han/Greedo Scene in Star Wars for Disney+, Makes It Worse Instead

Star Wars: The Strange Meaning Behind Greedo's "Maclunkey" Explained

In the days since the new version was released, Disney has denied culpability in the edit, blaming it instead on the final acts of George Lucas before selling Star Wars to Disney, and if we know George Lucas, that does sound like something he would do But what about the deeper mystery, the meaning behind[...]

George Lucas Described Star Wars As A Disney Movie

According to a new book published today by Oscar-winning film editor Paul Hirsch, writer-director George Lucas once described Star Wars as a Disney movie.[caption id="attachment_1113366" align="aligncenter" width="283"] Chicago Review Press[/caption]Writing about George Lucas' comments during production on the first Star Wars: "This is basically a Disney movie," he said, "and those movies always make $16 million[...]

"Star Wars": Lawrence Kasdan Talks "Solo", Moving on from Franchise

The only other person outside of creator George Lucas, who’s as creatively synonymous with Star Wars, is Lawrence Kasdan Kasdan wrote three of the nine episodic films and the standalone, Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) in the franchise He spoke with SyFy at the Austin Film Festival about his return to Star Wars and[...]

George Lucas Felt Betrayed by Disney's Direction on Star Wars

George Lucas Felt Betrayed by Disney's Direction on "Star Wars"

With the release of Bob Iger's memoir today, some new comments from George Lucas about the direction of the Star Wars franchise have been made public.What we knew before the book's publication was that Lucas delivered some story ideas to Disney when they purchased Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4 billion There's always the worries that[...]

Billy Dee Williams Shares Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Photos With Some Old Friends

Billy Dee Williams Shares Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Photos With Some Old Friends

We knew last night's livestream of Disneyland's dedication ceremony to open Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge was going to be emotional for fans all over the galaxy, but we weren't expecting some of the surprise guests.Bob Iger kicked everything off in a very Iger way, and George Lucas showed up, shocking the hell out of everyone[...]

George Lucas Calls Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge "Star Tours on Steroids"

George Lucas Calls Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge "Star Tours on Steroids"

Happening right now live from Disneyland, the official dedication ceremony for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!Bob Iger kicked things off, and to our much delighted surprise, George Lucas showed up!"It's like Star Tours on steroids," Lucas says of the new land.Billy Dee Williams showed up, and spoke about being the previous owner of the lovely ship.And our dear[...]

'The Clone Wars' Season 7 Trailer from Star Wars Celebration! [SWCC]

'Star Wars': Will Live-Action Kill The Animation Star?

As the first ever Star Wars live-action show The Mandalorian and Disney's new streaming service usher Star Wars into a new era, is Star Wars animated content in danger of being sidelined?It was George Lucas himself who started Star Wars down the path to animated success through his subsidiary Lucasfilm Animation Lucas, credited as the creator and executive[...]

What's Going on With 'Flash Gordon' Remake Post Disney's Fox Purchase?

We're only beginning to scratch the surface of all the possibilities in a Disney-owning-Fox world; what films and limboing projects may yet see the light of day with the House of Mouse acquisitions? One that we had totally forgot about was a long-gestating reboot/remake of classic serial comic, Flash Gordon.If you know your Star Wars lore,[...]

Clone Wars sdcc 2018

Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Panel: Celebrating Star Wars Animation at SDCC

And, of course, to drop the bomb that The Clones Wars is coming back via Disney Direct, Disney’s new streaming service.Along with the members of his team, Filoni brought along a host of his own original drawings, created during his story meetings at George Lucas’s famous ranch Athena and Dave recounted these yearly two-week sessions,[...]