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A Big Change Happening To Mephisto In KingIn Black: Ghost Rider
The Satan of the Marvel Universe, Mephisto is the principal figure behind the actions of Kindred in Amazing Spider-Man, and the revival of the One More Day storyline that saw him erase the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. While also being behind the creation of the Avengers in every time period, and now involved[...]
Taboo And B. Earl To Write Apache Ghost Rider, Kushala, For Marvel
A new comic book series from Marvel Comics later in the year featuring the Apache warrior Kushala, the Sorcerer Supreme and the Ghost Rider of the mid-1800s, making it to the present day. Created by Robbie Thompson and Javier Rodriguez for Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #1 in 2016 (Speculator Corner anyone?), Kushala's parents were[...]
King In Black Ends In March With Scream, Wiccan & Hulkling One-Shots
The war for Hell's throne meets the war against the God of Symbiotes when Johnny Blaze gets caught in the madness of King in Black in Ghost Rider by writer Ed Brisson and artist Juan Frigeri Scream makes her highly-anticipated return in Scream by writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Garry Brown Will her return[...]
Ghost Rider and His Hell Cycle Bring the Heat to Mezco Toyz
Ghost Rider has arrived at Mezco Toyz, and he is bringing hell with him The Spirit of Vengeance is packed with high amounts of detailed articulation and a great set of accessories The biggest accessory that comes with Ghost Rider is his Hell Cycle The Hell Cycle will feature light-up functionality, sound effects, and even[...]
Spider-Man Teams Up with Ghost Rider and More In New LEGO Sets
Spider-Man and Ghost Rider are teaming up to take on the deadly Carnage with LEGO The set comes in at only 212 pieces, but it's not the size that counts but the contents Fans have the ability to ghost charge up Robbie Reyes's charger with this set The 3-stud shooter supercharger is packed with detail[...]
Fortnite Will Launch The Ghost Rider Cup On Wednesday
The Marvel content continues in Fortnite as Epic Games will be launching the Ghost Rider Cup this coming Wednesday Much like the previous event with Daredevil, you will have a chance to compete in a special event that will help you unlock the skin of Johnny Blaze as you will then strike fear into those[...]
Fantastic Four: Nicolas Cage as Original Dr. Doom, Concept Art Shows
Before Nicolas Cage set the big screen on fire as Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider films, he was set to be Dr Victor Von Doom in Fox's 2005 release of The Fantastic Four before being replaced by Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon That is, according to Ryan Unicomb, the Australian filmmaker behind the upcoming Justice League:[...]
When Will These Unreleased Unova Legendaries Come to Pokémon GO?
Including Pokémon GO, Funko, Ghost Rider, Batman #100 and so much more  The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: Pokémon GO, Funko, Ghost Rider – the ten most-read stories yesterday… A Lucky Egg, an[...]
Dear Marvel; Make the Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider Films Canon You Cowards
This cultural anxiety that if you made it too complicated, then people wouldn't show up when it came to the superhero genre. L-R: The official posters for Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Credit: Columbia Pictures That is very much not the case in the modern-day DC finally pulled the trigger and basically said that[...]
Marvel Comics Full December 2020 Solicits Leads With The King In Black
Of Spider-Man #1 and the Ghost Rider Annual #2 – though that has now been renamed as Ghost Rider: Return Of Vengeance Here are the solicitations below, followed by the new Marvel Missing In Action List. W.E.B OF SPIDER-MAN #1 (OF 5) KEVIN SHINICK (W) • Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque (A) • Cover by GURIHIRU VARIANT COVER BY[...]
Marvel Comics Cancels Ghost Rider – Missing In Action Update
Ghost Rider was one of the comic books that had its comics issues delayed but not deleted, and Ghost Rider #7 was finally published ending on a cliffhanger However, subsequent issues never came to be rescheduled and its Empyre crossover was also cancelled Now it seems Ghost Rider #8 – and the planned Ghost rider[...]
Bowie Stardust Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams PX HC 2nd Edition Cover
Out of those eight, only three have gone on the Back Order List, and surprisingly Empyre Fantastic Four #0 is not on the list.  Ghost Rider returns to shops with #7, and the Marvel Zombie Variant is gone from Diamond, along with Strange Academy #2, with both covers being on the Back Order List and[...]
Empyre #1 Party Variant Cover
First, there is continuity all over that is done fast, and well.  Thor mentions Iron Man's "backup copies of himself" alluding to the current Iron Man run, how the Super Skrull's powers work, Ghost Rider and now the "Ghost Quinjet" for the Avengers to use The Cotati's past with the Kree and how the Avengers[...]
Marvel Comics - Still Missing In Action
Quite a few actually, not just the ones we missed out on this morning. Ghost Rider #7 by Ed Brisson and Aaron Kuder has a publication date for July 7th but nothing for August or September, Will this be the final issue? Runaways #31 was published in March before the shutdown There has been no subsequent issue published,[...]
Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.
Ghost Rider hits the dusty trail, while The Ring, Cloverfield, Chasing Amy, Center Stage, and the Tremors film series all say goodbye as well TV shows leaving include Cheers, The Andy Griffith Show, Jeopardy, and all seven seasons of Mad Men You can see the entire list of what is leaving Netflix in June down[...]