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TinyBuild Games Announces Release Date For "Hellpoint"
TinyBuild Games announced today that Hellpoint will be getting some improvements with an upgrade and DLC this July First off, those of you playing the game on next-gen consoles and high-end PCs will be getting an upgrade as developer Cradle Games will be giving the game improvements to head to those platforms with 4K visuals[...]
Hellpoint Will be Coming To Nintendo Switch In February
Merge Games and tinyBuild Games revealed this week that Hellpoint will be coming to Nintendo Switch next month Not only that, they're going all-out for this release with a physical version with Cradle Games with the Signature Edition As you can see from the image below, along with the complete game you get a special[...]
TinyBuild Games Announces Release Date For "Hellpoint"
This week, tinyBuild Games revealed that Hellpoint will finally be released on PC and consoles at the end of July The game, like a lot of other titles this year, has been pushed back to Q2 this year due to COVID-19 happening and the devs needing extra time to finish up the game The game[...]
TinyBuild Games Announces Release Date For "Hellpoint"
Developer Cradle Games and publisher tinyBuild Games had to make a tough announcement today as they revealed Hellpoint has been pushed back If you're not familiar with this game, it's basically been on tinyBuild's list for about two years now The game is set in the aftermath of what they refer to as a massive[...]
TinyBuild Games Announces Release Date For "Hellpoint"
Developer Cradle Games and publisher tinyBuild Games have officially announced when we'll be seeing Hellpoint be released The game will be released on PC and all three major consoles on April 16th, 2020 You can read more about it and check out the new trailer below as you go through a hell space that seems[...]
Getting a Taste of Hellpoint from TinyBuild at PAX West
TinyBuild Games announced a few new titles before PAX West kicked off this year, and we got a chance to play some of the demos, like Hellpoint Looking at the game and the way it plays, all of this might seem just a tad familiar to some of you If you haven't already checked it[...]
TinyBuild Announces 5 New Games at PAX West
Finally, a new alpha build for Pathologic 2 will be showcased at PAX West this weekend. As for the announced games, the five new titles from TinyBuild are: Hellpoint is a dark sci-fi action RPG set in the aftermath of a massive quantic cataclysm It will probably remind you quite a bit of Dark Souls or Bloodborne[...]