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The movement dominated discussion in the wrestling community on Thursday and Friday, finally prompting the first responses Friday night. The official logo of Impact Wrestling. Following the publication of our story on the #SpeakingOut movement Friday, Impact Wrestling responded to a request for comment on the movement, which included an accusation against Impact star Michael Elgin, providing[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
In Part 1 of our Impact Wrestling report, The North defends their titles against The Rascalz, Neveah made her in-ring debut, and Rhino got paid for doing nothing! But that was the past, and now we're moving on to the future as Impact enters its second hour. The official logo of Impact Wrestling. Hernandez comes out for[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
How about you? The official logo of Impact Wrestling. Welcome to Bleeding Cool's review of Impact Wrestling for June 9th, 2020 Well, more of a recap really, but I'll give it a score at the end, and no one will be the wiser The drinking game this week is to take a shot every time I manage[...]
Impact Wrestling Preview: Is the World Championship Pregnant?
Impact Wrestling airs tonight on AXS TV, and a preview of the show has led to speculation (which we're creating right now) that the Impact World Championship may be pregnant and about to announce its retirement! How did we come to this conclusion? Allow us to explain. Tonight on Impact: an announcement about the future of[...]
Slammiversary: What Are Fired WWE Wrestlers Doing in the Impact Zone?
On this week's episode of Impact Wrestling, the company teased the possibility of multiple fired WWE wrestlers showing up at the Slammiversary PPV in July In a video teaser imitating a news story about the dozens of wrestlers and backstage talent laid off or furloughed by WWE purportedly to cut costs during the coronavirus pandemic[...]
Michael Elgin, from Impact's Locker Room Talk [Broadcast Screencap]
Impact Wrestling star Michael Elgin took to Twitter on Thursday to unleash a torrent of tweets blasting wrestlers he feels don't put in the work to attain a physique worthy of the sport of professional wrestling Then, after receiving a negative reaction to the tweets, Elgin said that the tweets were in character and unleashed[...]
Moose Wins "TNA World Title" in MASSIVE Main Event! | IMPACT! Rebellion Highlights Apr 28, 2020
In the latest spat, Impact Wrestling's Moose has challenged Segura to a fight to prove just how real wrestling is Moose is currently the TNA World Champion after unearthing the old TNA Championship and bringing it out at Impact's latest PPV, Rebellion, even though the actual Impact Wrestling World Champion is Tessa Blanchard So yeah,[...]
The Impact Wrestling #1 Contender Tournament Bracket [from Iampact's Twitter]
Impact Wrestling has a significant problem going on in its world championship main event scene Instead of one World Championship, they've got two of them Tessa Blanchard is the official Impact World Champion, having won the title from Sami Callahan in a match at Hard to Kill in January Though it was just a few[...]
"THE BEST" in Canada Challenge The North?! | IMPACT! Highlights May 5, 2020
Impact Wrestling tried something new last night Wrestling companies have been handling the pandemic in different ways and to varying degrees of success WWE has filmed matches in an empty building with dead silence and no crowd, and that's been a little boring… even more boring than WWE usually is On the other hand, the[...]
The official logo of Impact Wrestling.
Impact Wrestling aired the second night of its Rebellion almost-PPV on AXS TV Tuesday, and the event ended with a major surprise Moose showed up in the main event wearing the TNA Championship that was previously replaced with the Impact Championship Moose fought Michael Elgin and Hernandez to retain the title. The official logo of Impact[...]
IMPACT Wrestling REBELLION Takes Over Terminal 5 in New York City, April 2020!
Impact Wrestling has revealed that its upcoming Rebellion PPV is, in fact, too big for just one night Impact will film Rebellion on a closed set with no audience and air in two parts The show will be broadcast on free television instead of offered as a PPV special Somewhere, Don West is shouting into[...]
Matt Morgan Voted Mayor of Longwood, Florida as Wrestler Power Grab Continues
Former Impact Wrestling star Matt Morgan has become the mayor of Longwood Florida, local news outlet Spectrum News 13 reports Morgan, who was formerly serving as Deputy Mayor, was voted the new mayor by city commissioners and took power on Monday, the report reveals The city's commissioners are elected to public office, but the commissioners[...]
Rob Van Dam Signs Impact Wrestling Deal
Former ECW, WWE, and TNA Champion Rob Van Dam has signed a longterm deal with Impact Wrestling, the Van Dam revealed in an interview with Sporting News Wednesday Van Dam is set to team with Sabu to face the Lucha Bros at Impact's iPPV event, United We Stand, in New Jersey on Thursday, but he[...]