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5 Gruesome Horror Sequels Prepared to Terrorize 2023 (Ranked)
If those two things aren't enough to pique your interest in returning to the brutal franchise, nothing will. 4) Insidious: Fear the Dark It's been a minute since we've received an Insidious entry, but sometimes taking a step back from a franchise gives people enough time to actually miss it without the downfall of experiencing audience burnout. Insidious With[...]
Insidious 5 Is A Go From Blumhouse & Sony, Patrick Wilson Directing
When the small-budget horror film Insidious was released in theaters back in 2010, those involved had no idea it would help reshape the genre's mainstream trends and mold itself into an expansive franchise with a total of four films after more than a decade Soon enough, the fifth film will be upon us, and the[...]
Insidious 5 Is A Go From Blumhouse & Sony, Patrick Wilson Directing
It's been 11 years since the theatrical release of James Wan's influential horror film Insidious, a title perceived as a gateway horror film for younger audiences throughout the 2010s With multiple chapters under the franchise's belt and a fifth film in the works, and the love for Insidious is obviously still intact, Wan recently took[...]
Insidious 5 Is A Go From Blumhouse & Sony, Patrick Wilson Directing
The Insidious franchise has had highs and lows, becoming a crucial piece of the Blumhouse success in addition to the resurgence of popularity in supernatural/spiritual horror Over four films so far, there have been plenty of scares and hauntings to partake in, with so much anticipation for the next chapter that fans are even making[...]
Insidious 5 Is A Go From Blumhouse & Sony, Patrick Wilson Directing
Announced this afternoon during BlumFest 2020, Insidious 5 is on the way The new film "will pick up with the Lamberts ten years after the last movie, as Dalton begins college." This will be a direct sequel to the first two Insidious films after two spin-off films hit theaters Star Patrick Wilson will make his[...]
Leigh Whannell at the world premiere of his movie Insidious Chapter 3 at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.
Leigh Whannell is familiar to horror fans as one of the father's of the Saw franchise with James Wan, who also partnered on the Insidious franchise with Blumhouse He has worked with the production house since, including directing Insidious: Chapter 3 and 2018's Upgrade With Invisible Man, Blumhouse head Jason Blum says that he just[...]
PG-13 Horror Films That Will Scare Audiences of All Ages
The subtleties and paranoia the film creates are safe enough for younger audiences, but even as an adult, it has the ability to stay with you for years after witnessing her rage. Insidious Insidious ushered in a new wave of horror tactics, with the ambience being a crucial piece of the puzzle The haunted-house film series follows[...]
Patrick Wilson and Lin Shaye Discuss "Insidious 5"
The Insidious franchise has truly blossomed into a series that includes several sequels as well as prequel films that have expanded the universe in ways that other horror titles have never seen before Blumhouse has taken the franchise in several directions since its conception, and now one of the stars of Insidious have spoken up[...]
insidious: the last key
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Insidious franchise is a curious one When the first film came out in 2010, it was a huge hit and introduced us to a new horror icon in Lin Shaye's Dr Elise Rainer A standout character, she is the heart and soul of not only that first film, but everything that has come[...]
Insidious 1 & 2 Screenwriter Leigh Whannell To Direct Insidious: Chapter 3
Horror franchise Insidious is staying in the family for its third installment It was announced today that Leigh Whannell will direct the threequel Insidious: Chapter 3, which he will also write Whannell is no stranger to the supernatural angst of this particular ghost story, as he also wrote the first two films for director James[...]