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The Fantastic Four Storm Siblings Get Funko Pop Exclusives [Review]

The Fantastic Four Storm Siblings Get Funko Pop Exclusives [Review]

Our final part of the ongoing Fantastic Four Funko Pop review is; The Exclusives. There are four exclusive Fantastic Four Funko Pop vinyl figures. The first one was a GameStop exclusive Invisible Girl, a Hot Topic exclusive Human Torch, Barnes & Noble exclusive The Thing, and a Specialty Series glow-in-the-dark Human Torch. Looks they didn't […]

Elizabeth Banks to Direct, Star in 'Invisible Woman' at Universal

Elizabeth Banks will direct and star in Invisible Woman for Universal Studios She pitched the film, with a script being written by Erin Cressida Wilson (Girl on the Train) This will not however cross over with the new Invisible Man film coming in February starring Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen That film was a co-production[...]

Invisible Woman #4 [Preview]

Never Trust a Spy in Invisible Woman #4 [Preview]

Invisible Woman #4 is in stores this week from Marvel Comics, by Mark Waid, Mattia De Iulis, and Joe Caramagna We've got a preview below.The recap page tells you all you need to know Sue Storm was secretly a super-spy and had a partner named Aidan Tintreach, who has recently been captured Sue took her[...]

Invisible Woman #3 [Preview]

Secret Family Drama in Invisible Woman #3 [Preview]

Invisible Woman #3 hits stores from Marvel Comics this week, by Mark Waid and Mattia De Iulis, telling the story of Susan Richards' secret career as a spy We've got a preview below.And the recap page explains why you should never trust a spy.. even your own partner!Sue heads to Ireland in attempt to track[...]

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Will Invisible Woman #5 Give Us the Snyder Cut of Sue Richards?

If anything could be said about The Invisible Woman, it's that she's clearly not grim and gritty enough Sue Richards needs an edge, a dark side, a Snyder Cut, if you will Well, Marvel has heard the fan outcry for a grimmer, grittier Invisible Woman, and Invisible Woman #5, the conclusion of the mini-series that[...]

Sue Storm's Credibility Called Into Question in Invisible Woman #2 [Preview]

Sue's Credibility Called Into Question in Invisible Woman #2 [Preview]

The Invisible Woman is well-known for being part of Marvel's first family, but did you know she's also a part-time super-spy? That's the subject of her new solo book, but in this preview of Invisible Woman #2, we find it's hard to get respect for your espionage abilities when you're well-known for being a family[...]

Invisible Woman #1: Marvel Time Strikes Again [Preview]

Invisible Woman #1: Marvel Time Strikes Again [Preview]

So, though the Fantastic Four's origins are intrinsicly tied to the space race, as we see in this preview of Invisible Woman #1, it seems that the FF gained their powers only slightly earlier than 2009.The preview is set 10 years ago, as Invisible Woman is attempting to smuggle someone into Bahzelstan.But as we see[...]

Invisible Woman Gets Her Own Series in July

Marvel's Invisible Woman Gets Her Own Series in July

But this July, we finally get to see things from the Invisible Woman's perspective (as written by a man) because Mark Waid and Mattia De Iulis will launch an Invisible Woman mini-series Marvel's press release follows: Sue Storm Flies Solo in INVISIBLE WOMAN #1!New York, NY—April 9, 2019— She’s always been a super hero, fighting to[...]

Fantastic Four #1 cover by Esad Ribic

Fantastic Four #1 Review: Return of the World's Greatest Comic Magazine

The Human Torch races to where the signal was shot from, assuming Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and their kids are finally back The Thing knows it must be false It was a fake; a pair of Yancy Street kids found the flare gun and fired it Johnny is furious, but Ben hires Jen Walters to[...]

Marvel Two-in-One #6 cover by Jim Cheung and Frank Martin

Marvel Two-in-One #6 Review: A Smart Fantastic Four Epic

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Our Thing, Human Torch, and Victor von Doom with the Sue Storm and Reed Richards of this other Earth have put together their last and best defense against the approaching Doom/Galactus hybrid of this world. He has consumed the rest of the universe, and this Earth is the last item on the menu. […]

Marvel Two-in-One #4 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell

Marvel Two-in-One #4 Review: The Series Hits Its Stride

Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Franklin, and Valeria It begins to hit the emotions quickly with this one too Hopefully without giving too much away, the world they find inverts their own in some ways It lines up directly with their own struggles, and Chip Zdarsky sticks the landing rather perfectly.There is some action and fun to[...]

black panther, Fantastic Four #52 cover by Jack Kirby

5 Days of Black Panther, Day 1: Looking Back at T'Challa's First Appearance

The fact that the celebration T’Challa throws for the FF includes a “dance of friendship” doesn’t help matters.Then there is Invisible Woman The kickass co-leader of more recent FF comics who brings the emotional intelligence that Mr Fantastic lacks, it’s pretty painful to see how waifish and easily frightened Sue Storm-Richards was back in the[...]

Marvel Two-in-One #2 cover by Jim Cheung and Justin Ponsor

Marvel Two-in-One #2 Review: Return to Monster Island

Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Franklin, and Valeria are still alive in another dimension, and the two go on an excursion to Monster Island, the site of the Fantastic Four’s first adventure.As is often the case with Monster Island, things get messy quickly, and an unexpected associate may be needed to save the day.[caption id="attachment_783530" align="aligncenter" width="600"][...]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis's List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion.Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]

What the Fantastic Four Got Wrong (SPOILERS)

By Joe Glass I cannot make it any clearer, this article contains MASSIVE spoilers for the new Fantastic Four movie, directed by Josh Trank. So let's get this out of the way at the start: if you are planning on ignoring pretty much every review out there and go and see this film anyway, go […]

So What Happens To The Fantastic Four After Secret Wars? (SPOILERS)

More from our big Marvel gossip day.Bleeding Cool was the first to report that Marvel were to cancel the Fantastic Four comic book. We were informed by Marvel staffers that the book was being cancelled, over Marvel's fractious relationship with Fox Studios, who own the movie rights to the comic book. It was an attempt […]

Evolution Of A Fantastic Four Cover By Frank Cho

Artist Frank Cho shared a process piece for the cover for Fantastic Four #608 on his website today. There is a good lesson for artists in this as well as Frank explains below. Found this in my old sketch folder. I have a mountain of sketches lying all over my studio. I often let my […]