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Awesome Usagi Yojimbo Stan Sakai Art On Auction At Heritage
The same goes for artist Stan Sakai, who deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Jack Kirby, John Romita, and others as one of the giants of the industry Any chance you can get to meet the man, take it—one of the nicest in this crazy industry Up for auction right now is[...]
One Of The Coolest Captain America Comics Is Up For Auction
Story and art by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Syd Shores, part of the reason why this one gets so much love is the really cool Kirby cover Cap bursting through the front page of the comic, shield at the ready, just an iconic image Up for auction at ComicConnect right now is a very[...]
Two New Fantastic Four Posters Drop From Mondo Tomorrow
Two new posters will be available for purchase, the first being one of the most iconic pieces of comic art ever produced, the cover to FF#1 by Jack Kirby This version of the cover is reproduced by Jon Smith and screen printed to become one of the best looking versions ever The edition size is[...]
Revealed: Jack Kirby's Other Planned Names For The Scarlet Witch
And so it can be with original comic book art and the origins of the Scarlet Witch. Better known as an Avenger these days, the Scarlet Witch was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the X-Men comic books Right now Heritage Auctions is auctioning the original opening page to X-Men #4 from 1964, which[...]
Mister Miracle #14 Page 8 by Jack Kirby. Credit ComicConnect
Jack Kirby collectors take note, two of the iconic artist's pages from issue #14 of DC Comics series Mister Miracle is up for auction right now on Comic Connect Set to end on Monday, May 18, the pages are number 8, which is selling for $1870 as of this posting, and page 18, which is[...]
Jack Kirby Original Artwork, Up for Auction at Heritage
Such as a number of pages from the late, great Jack Kirby. Jack Kirby Fantastic Four Annual #1 "The Incredible Hulk" Pin-Up Original Art (Marvel, 1963). This absolutely classic pin-up page is the very first Hulk pin-up from Marvel! To make it even cooler, the text mentions the Hulk's battle with the Fantastic Four's Thing from the (then) recent FF #12[...]
Kevin Feige Says Marvel is Taking Risks for "Eternals" Movie
pic.twitter.com/za0yVQDCfj — Gemma Chan (@gemma_chan) February 4, 2020 The film based on the Jack Kirby comic follows an immortal alien race known as the Eternals, who secretly lived on earth for the past 7,000 years created from the Celestials They unite to protect humanity from their evil counterparts the Deviants who grew apart from their creators' original[...]
Eternals News to Be Teased at New York Comic Con?
And have been able to line up reprint volumes of Jack Kirby's work, and others who tapped into that cosmic inspiration over the decades. But what about something new? Well, we know that Annihilation: Scourge will kick things off in a cosmic fashion for the Marvel Universe later this year, and there are a Celestial or[...]
When Black Panther's Costume Was Redesigned to Placate Racists
Specifically the difference between Black Panther's first design by Jack Kirby, when he was known as Coal Tiger And then how he appeared on the cover of Fantastic Four #52. And below is Jack Kirby's original cover design, with what was intended to be the final design for the Black Panther It is notable that he[...]