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Funko SDCC Marvel - Origins Deadpool, Zombie Thing, Stan Lee, and More
Next, up is the very well design Iron Bob figure from Jay and Silent Bob Reboot We did get to see Kevin Smith unbox this Funko Pop too which fans can see here Stan Lee got an appearance this SDCC and it shows off his first MCU Cameo in Iron Man Marvel fans will want[...]
Kevin Smith Gives Us a First Look at the Iron Bob SDCC Exclusive Funko
Coming out Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, this badass collectible was easily one of the best of the show Paying homage to Iron Man, Silent Bob gets an upgrade that deserves its SDCC release The detail on this Pop is very well done and will be a must have collectible for both Kevin Smith and Jay[...]
When Jay and Silent Bob Reboot released for digital and home media, Kevin Smith did not provide a commentary track The writer-director decided to make one to upload it to YouTube It's available for free All you have to do is play the film and video on YouTube simultaneously. Saban Films https://youtu.be/C2ZsN3m7agEVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
And that's what brings me to gush about Jay and Silent Bob Reboot; predictable, but dripping with nostalgia – and yet, it's updated to the point it feels familiar but fresh for a new generation and the ones who grew up with them. What you get is basically the same thing that's on the tin: yes,[...]
Kevin Smith Drops Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Trailer Online Ahead of SDCC Debut
It looks like Kevin Smith didn't feel like waiting for Saturday in Hall H to debut the trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot The fillmaker dropped the trailer early on YouTube, taking to Twitter to announce his impatience. SNOOGANS! Rather than make you wait until Saturday night after Hall H, we're gonna show you the[...]
Kevin Smith Wraps Production of 'Jay And Silent Bob Reboot'
Kevin Smith,who's documented his journey on completing his latest film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, has wrapped production. Kevin SmithPhoto by Sterling Munksgard / Shutterstock.com Smith (who will write and direct the film) announced via Twitter the completion of filming after 21 days- the same amount of time it took for him to film his first film,[...]
Ben Affleck Hasn't Been Asked to be in 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot'. Yet.
That a**hole from The Fashionable Male apparently hasn't been asked to return for the upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot film If you have no idea what we're talking about, perhaps a rewatch of Kevin Smith's Mallrats is in order, where Ben Affleck plays a not-so-nice manager of a store called….The Fashionable Male. Ben AffleckPhoto by Krista Kennell /[...]
Road To Reboot: Chapter 8
Let's return to Mooby's in this edition of "Road to Reboot", the multi-part video series Kevin Smith has been producing and releasing during production of his upcoming film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Chapter 8 focuses on the cow-centric fast food chain featured in several of Smith's View Askew films (Dogma, Clerks II, etc.) with some added bonuses[...]
Kevin Smith Brings Back Favorites for 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot'
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will feel like a reunion for many of the actors featured in Kevin Smith's previous films Smith announced additional casting for the film on Instagram via a cast photo that includes himself, Jason Mewes, Joe Manganiello, Craig Robinson, Frankie Shaw, Justin Long and Jordan Monsanto. View this post on Instagram. Here[...]
There is a 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' Stan Lee Tribute (of Course)
As a followup from the announcement that production had begun on the upcoming film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Kevin Smith just shared an additional photo from the set, with a very special tribute to the late great Stan Lee. Kevin Smith during Hollywood's Stan Lee tribute eventPhoto by Eugene Powers / Shutterstock.com     View this post on Instagram   In Brodie's Secret Stash,[...]
Kevin Smith Asks Redbox to Replace RST Video in 'Jay and Silent Bob' Reboot
Kevin Smith has a request for Redbox to help update his latest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, in reflecting on contemporary times with a donation of a kiosk. RST Video was featured in Smith's 1994 breakout hit, Clerks The now-defunct store became an iconic part of the View Askewniverse Now spanning seven films, the reboot marks the[...]