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Jeph Loeb, Cloak and Dagger Red Carpet SXSW 2018
We won't start by pretending that there weren't rumblings of this happening once it was announced that Kevin Feige would be taking on the role of chief creative officer for all things Marvel Entertainment That means film, television, comics, Underoos, salt-n-pepper shakers, toilet paper dispensers – all of it that "The House of Mouse" has[...]
Could New Overlord Kevin Feige "Kill" the Marvel Universe?
With today's shocking news that Kevin Feige has taken over creative direction of Marvel Comics as Chief Creative Officer of all of Marvel, the obvious question must be asked: what does this mean for the future of the Marvel Universe as a fictional entity? It's far too early for details of Feige's plans, but it's the[...]
Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to the X-Men With Love Letter to Claremont/Byrne/Austin
Today, we learned the shocking news that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has become the Chief Creative Officer of all of Marvel, including Marvel Comics Former Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada will become EVP Creative Director and report to Marvel President Dan Buckley, who will now report directly to Feige on all creative matters,[...]
Kevin Feige Throws Shades at Fox "Fantastic Four", Promises to Elevate Them to "the Platform They Deserve"
In a shocking move that could represent the biggest regime change at Marvel Comics in recent memory, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been promoted to Chief Creative Officer for Marvel, overseeing not only movies, television, and other media, but publishing as well. Joe Quesada previously held the role of Chief Creative Officer, and both THR[...]
Kevin Feige Throws Shades at Fox "Fantastic Four", Promises to Elevate Them to "the Platform They Deserve"
There are a lot of reasons why Marvel Studios has done so well but a lot of it comes down to having Kevin Feige gently guiding the franchise Feige is not arguably one of the most powerful producers working today and while the impact he has had on superhero movies is far reaching it appears[...]
"Deadpool 2" Director David Leitch Says Sequel Should Be Flexible with Movie Rating
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige only confirmed development on The Fantastic Four and X-Men groups from the deal Leitch admitted Deadpool might be harder to work with. Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool in Twentieth Century Fox's DEADPOOL 2 Photo Credit: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox. "There's a lot of mystery still surrounding what they want to do with[...]
"Hawkeye" Set for Fall 2021, Jeremy Renner Dishes Details
Head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige brought Jeremy Renner on stage at Hall H to talk about the upcoming Hawkeye series. The Hawkeye logo looked like the same logo used for Matt Fraction and David Aja's acclaimed run on the comic. Renner said the show would address Clint Barton's time as Ronin during the 5-year gap in Avengers: Endgame[...]
"WandaVision" Set for Spring 2021
Kevin Feige went on stage to talk about WandaVision, the spinoff series featuring the Scarlet Witch and the Vision that will be on streaming service Disney+. Feige brought Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany went on stage at the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. The show takes place after Avengers: Endgame[...]
Kevin Feige-Authorized Iron Man Cosplay is Bulletproof and Can Fly
The tendency for life to imitate art, for science fiction to drive real innovation, and the desire on everyone's part to emulate their heroes from time to time was always going to converge in a place like this.  Sure, we can quibble that this suit doesn't have true Iron Man capabilities quite yet, but bulletproof,[...]
Will Marvel Phase 4 End in A Secret War?
Reed's pitch includes a 1960s setting that involves the Quantum Realm, and possibly The Black Knight. The Quantum Realm's Microverse City Putting together comments made by Peyton Reed, the director of both Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp, from over the past year seems to give us a strong indication of what he might be pitching to[...]
Kevin Feige Did a Reddit AMA, Here Are Some Highlights
Just yesterday, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige conducted a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) wherein he invited users on the site to pose questions and inquiries with a hope to have them answered. Photo by Bill Watters Truth be told, it was downright respectful, and we were delighted to see some of the responses. There were lots of questions[...]