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Black Lightning Producer Salim Akil Sued for Domestic Violence, Breach of Contract
Black Lightning producer Salim Akil has been named in a lawsuit filed by Amber Dixon Brenner on November 20, 2018, with the actor alleging she had a years-long "physically and sexually abusive relationship" with the producer-director Brenner is also suing Akil for breach of contract over a script Brenner claims she wrote and Akil used for his[...]
Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime Facing $95 Million Defamation Lawsuit from Roy Moore
Moore has filed a lawsuit against Cohen, Showtime, and the CBS Corporation alleging "defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and fraud" over his July 29th segment on Who Is America?, Cohen's new series where he interviews public figures about hot-button issues in disguise. With Moore being a public figure, he will have to prove that Cohen, Showtime,[...]
Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer, Duffer Brothers
In what could be a major blow to filmmaker Charlie Kessler's complaint against Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers) over creative credit for Netflix's sci-fi series Stranger Things, TMZ has reportedly obtained emails that prove The Duffer Brothers were developing a "Montauk" series as early as November 2010.
John Bernecker amc wrongful death
© IMDB The family and estate for late The Walking Dead stuntman John Bernecker have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against AMC, more than six months after Bernecker was killed while filming the eighth season of the hit series Susan Bernecker — John's mother — and his estate filed a civil suit late Tuesday in Georgia state court seeking[...]
AMC Responds to New Walking Dead Lawsuit, "Greed of CAA"
***UPDATE***  As expected, AMC had something to say about Darabont's new lawsuit, issuing the following statement through their attorney, Orin Snyder of Gibson: "At the heart of this lawsuit — and all the litigation related to 'The Walking Dead' — is the greed of CAA Their goal is every dollar for themselves, with total disregard for contracts,[...]
Frank Darabont
Credit: Tinseltown / Frank Darabont's $280 million lawsuit against AMC is not the only one the network will face from The Walking Dead ex-showrunner Darabont and his agency CAA have filed a new, $10 million lawsuit against the cable network, claiming that new information has come to light that proves he is owed additional monies on top of[...]
Bill Nye Sues Disney Over $9 Million In Science Guy Royalties
Nye says that when he tried to negotiate, the company stopped paying royalties in 2008, and according to the lawsuit, " failed to engage in the process in good faith" in what it calls "an ongoing, deliberate conspiracy to deceive Mr Nye." Nye says Disney owes him $9.4 million as a result Disney has yet to respond[...]
frank miller
According to a report from THR, the lawsuit alleges that Lichtman helped to develop Miller's career as his manager for 30 years, and that he was entitled, according to their original contract, to 10% of Miller's earnings from entertainment deals. In the lawsuit, Lichtman's lawyer says that Silenn Thomas, who started working with Miller in 2006 pushed[...]
james bond
File this under, "so this is a thing that is happening, (as well as things discovered through Variety)": there is an ongoing class-action lawsuit against MGM and 20th Century Fox claiming that an allegedly complete James Bond DVD box set was, in reality, incomplete The suit claims that it was deceptively marketed as a complete collection when[...]
Diego Maradona's Legal Threats Get A Response From Konami
We've all heard the stories about how Konami seems to have "communication problems," but when you get threatened with a lawsuit, those problems tend to go away very quickly Last week, retired Argentine professional footballer Diego Maradona wrote on Facebook that he was going to sue Konami for using his likeness without permission Kinda hard[...]
Riot Games Wins 'League Of Legends' Cheating Lawsuit
Riot Games, publisher of the massively popular League Of Legends, won a $10 million lawsuit over the weekend involving a cheating ring, which includes a court-ordered ban on the company's websites, which Riot are now in control of The case came against LeagueSharp, who were sued by the company back in August 2016 for creating a[...]