Riot Games Wins 'League Of Legends' Cheating Lawsuit

Riot Games, publisher of the massively popular League Of Legends, won a $10 million lawsuit over the weekend involving a cheating ring, which includes a court-ordered ban on the company's websites, which Riot are now in control of. The case came against LeagueSharp, who were sued by the company back in August 2016 for creating a […]


Warner Bros Is Being Sued Over Lucifer Theme Song

A lawsuit was filed this week alleging that Warner Bros used the work of composers Robert and Aron Marderosian without an agreement for the theme song to the television show Lucifer. The lawsuit was first reported on by The Wrap. From the court filing: Plaintiffs Robert J. Marderosian and Aron M. Marderosian (known as the […]

VidAngel Shuts Down Forcing Parents To Parent

VidAngel, the service that lets customers stream censored versions of movies, has shut down for violating copyrights and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act according to a report by Deadline. The service seems to exist for the sole purpose of giving parents an excuse to let their kids watch whatever they want without having to parent. […]

Uderzo Family Settle Their Differences Over Asterix Legacy

After seven years not speaking to each other (and with a few lawsuits in the middle), a statement has been released stating that the co-creator of Asterix, Albert Uderzo and his wife Ada Uderzo have reconciled with their daughter Sylvie Uderzo, ending a seven-year conflict of legal proceedings. The announcement followed a ruling today from the Appeal Court of Versailles in […]

Friedrich Vs Marvel Suit Over Ghost Rider Ownership Settled

The lawsuit originally filed by Gary Friedrich vs. Marvel Comics (And now Disney) has been settled according to Reuters. This has been quite the legal battle starting with Friedrich's claim of ownership of Ghost Rider and the initial outcome not only being in Marvel's favor but demanding the artist pay $17,000 for selling prints of the character at conventions. […]

Disney Appears To Respond To Avengers Suitcase Lawsuit

Something is happening with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Collector's Set, which would have collected the Marvel Studios movies on Blu Ray. It has been widely reported that Rimowa is suing Marvel and Disney for the use of their Topas attaché case, as seen in the Avengers movie, as a fancy prop replica for […]

"Kirkman Is A Proud Liar And Fraudster" – The Walking Dead Lawsuit Marches On

Blimey. "Kirkman is a proud liar and fraudster who freely admits he has no qualm misprepresenting material facts in order to consummate business transactions" is how the new language in the lawsuit against Robert Kirkman, co-creator of The Walking Dead, on behalf of Tony Moore – the other co-creator of The Walking Dead, reads. Filed […]

The Tarzan And John Carter Comic Lawsuits – Four Thoughts

The Dynamite/Dynamic Forces response to the Edgar Rice Burroughs suit against them over the publication of Joh Carter and Tarzan comics has thrown up some interesting points. Bear in mind that I am not a lawyer and and my musings may make as much sense as those from a fish in a hat. But here […]

Human Centipede Lawsuit Might Be Some Bizarre Meta-Narrative

I saw Tom Six tweet this morning that his company was going to sue Dieter Laser, the star of the first Human Centipede. I must admit that his use of  block caps and exclamation marks immediately made me a little sceptical. BREAKING NEWS:MY COMPANY WILL SUE ACTOR DIETER LASER!!!WORDWIDE PRESS RELEASE WILL FOLLOW SHORTLY — […]

Todd McFarlane To Pay Neil Gaiman $382,000. Plus Interest.

Thanks to Daniel Best who pulled out a bunch of legal papers on the Neil Gaiman/Todd McFarlane case over owed moneys, showing that as part of the lawsuit, and the subsequent bankruptcy of one of Todd McFarlane's companies, he had to pay $382,000 into an escrow holding system, which Daniel estimates as $450,000 now after […]

Jean-Marc Lofficier On The Consequences Of The Gary Friedrich Decision

Steve Bissette has requested that the post below, revised, should be spread near and far. Anything to oblige Steve. Readers may also want to check ALERT, ALL COMICS CREATORS [Reposting, for a necessary (requested) edit; reposting all comments, too, after this main post. Apologies.]: With permission, I'm quoting key points my dear friend and own […]

Disney Pixar Said To Be Having Legal Spat With Atlanta Baseball Team

The Walt Disney Company and Atlanta National League Ball Club are reported to be in negotiations, trying to sort out a thorny trademark issue. They've reportedly been taking meetings for months, and still the dispute continues. None of this would have happened had Pixar's next picture not had a name change. Once it was being […]

Godzilla Lawsuit – Copyright Karma Coming Back To Bite Toho On The Behind?

It's being said that the family of Ishiro Honda, director of the original Gojira, are suing Toho, the company that produces and releases the big green fella's pictures. The Honda estate are apparently looking to secure the full copyright, but Toho are desparate to retain, at the very least, the lucrative merchandising rights.

Read Julie Taymor's Lawsuit Against The Spider-Man Producers In Full

Rich has very kindly provided the following widget, fully loaded with every last bit of Julie Taymor's lawsuit against the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, as per my story of earlier today. For us, it makes for interesting reading. For those involved, the stakes are somewhat higher. I'm Team Taymor.

The Ken Penders/Archie Comics Lawsuit Continues

Bleeding Cool has been following the lawsuits by writer Ken Penders against Archie Comics, Sega and Electronic Arts (owners of Bioware) over a number of Sonic The Hedgehog-related comics he wrote in the nineties, in which details and invented characters he claims have been adapted into Sonic video games, specifically Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, […]

The Roy Thomas Deposition For The Kirby Family Vs Marvel Lawsuit

UPDATE: The files below are from the submitted documents by Marvel to the judge in the continuing lawsuit, and are intended to reflect Marvel's case. Roy Thomas is a comic book writer, editor, and historian who first began writing for Marvel in 1965, later became a Marvel editor as well, and ultimately served as Stan […]