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In One Week, In Two Weeks: Spider-Men, Massive, Kiss, Planetoid And Pantha…
Next week sees the launch of Brian Wood's Massive from Dark Horse next week, along with Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, Kiss, Planetoid, Spider-Men and Pantha… and the week after sees the launch of Before Watchmen: Comedian,  DARK HORSE BTVS SEASON 9 FREEFALL #10 JEANTY VAR CVR $2.99 BTVS SEASON 9 FREEFALL #10 NOTO CVR $2.99 CONAN THE BARBARIAN #5 $3.50 MASSIVE #1 GRAMPA[...]
BC Mag #0: The Massive: The Next Big Thing for Brian Wood
Are you a retailer who would like to be included? Contact us. Reply to this article in the forum. Further Reading: BRIAN WOOD, THE MASSIVE, DARK HORSE Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Keith Davidsen Brian Wood explores dramatic landscapes from every angle We've seen it time and time again in such titles as DMZ and Northlanders, both bestsellers[...]
Sunday Runaround – Brian Wood's Free Massive
The fools. Read The Massive & Save the Planet this Earth Day :: Blog :: Dark Horse Comics So head on over to the Dark Horse Digital store and download The Massive digital one-shot for FREE on EARTH DAY this Sunday! DC Women Kicking Ass – Before Super BFF there was almost Supergirls Artist Saxton Moore posted some illustrations on Flickr[...]
DC Puts Before Watchmen On Previews Cover With Just One Word
Which will have all the Before Watchmen titles listed, including Rorschach by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. Should save on the art cost, at least. Oh and here's the front cover, featuring Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson's Massive for Dark Horse Comics. There are few examples of one single word suggesting one specific comic book character[...]
Dark Horse Confirms Becky Cloonan And Brian Wood On Conan
They will be adapting the classic Queen Of The Black Coast story. Dark Horse also announced that Brian Wood's The Massive will appear in Dark Horse Presents before launching as an ongoing series in June 2012 Wood described it as a combination of his Vertigo books, Northlanders and DMZ and intends to keep writing the book[...]