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The Dire Knights Rise In Lady Death: Apocalypse #2
Available with Regular and Sultry covers by Renato Camilo, Wraparound by Pow Rodrix, Auxiliary and Alternate History by Juan Jose Ryp, a premium Pure Art by Camilo and a Art Deco Retailer Order Incentive cover by Michael DiPascale.Also be sure to check out the ultimate collectible CGC Numbered Edition! [...]
Dark Gods #4 Hits Comics Shops This Week
The series is illustrated by German Erramouspe and includes painted sequences by Michael DiPascale This issue is available with covers by Erramouspe, DiPascale or Christian Zanier. Dark Gods #4 There are things out there from the darkness which were never meant to return to the world of the living Justin Jordan has thrown the flood gates open[...]
Garth Ennis' Rover Red Charlie Trade Hits Stores This Week
I remember getting to read the first issue of Garth Ennis' new series Rover Red Charlie early so I could do up some interview questions for Ennis and artist Michael Dipascale about the series The story was simple, following three dogs as they try to survive and understand as a worldwide plague destroys mankind It[...]
Phoenix Comiccon Is Rapidy Approaching – Do You Have Your Avatar VIP Set?
Phoenix Comic Con is only a little over a week away (June 5th-8th), and Avatar Press is going to have a strong presence at the convention, supported by guests Mike Costa of God is Dead, and Michael Dipascale, the artist on Rover Red Charlie and cover-artist on Uber But Avatar Press are also rolling out[...]
Avatar Press Offers Amazing Phoenix Con VIP Package
Plus you get to be first in-line to meet God Is Dead writer Mike Costa and Rover Red Charlie artist Michael Dipascale But this deal is limited to only 50 so you'd want to grab it fast Grab it here. Avatar Graphic Novel Library – 16 Avatar graphic novels!  These collections have never before been offered in[...]
Garth Ennis And Michael Dipascale Talk Rover Red Charlie
Rover Red Charlie is the new mini-series from Garth Ennis and Michael Dipascale It tells the an apocalyptical tale from a trio with wagging tails Order for the first issue in this very unique series from Avatar Press are due in by Thursday 10/24. I got a chance to speak with both Ennis and Dipascale about[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: WAR GODDESS #12 – It All Ends Here
The epic final issue of Mike Wolfer's War Goddess! It's a desperate, all-out showdown on the streets of San Francisco between the War Goddess Pandora and the blood-thirsty villainess from the dark matter dimension! Abandoned by the spider-like Widow, the fate of the city- and possibly the world- lies in the hands of the Girl Of[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: LADY DEATH #25 – It All Starts Here
Not only must she come to terms with new abilities which make her the true embodiment of Death, Hope must also contend with an Under Realm ruled for seven years by her half-sister Tormina. Welcome to the debut of the incredibly lush, painted illustrations of new series artist Marc Borstel! Check out this stunning preview…   Available with Regular[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – HERO WORSHIP #6
The most original super hero series concludes its first arc today, by writers Zak Penn (Avengers, X-Men II & III movies, Alphas TV show) and Scott Murphy (Star Wars The Clone Wars TV show)! All of Adam's life has lead up to this surreal moment – from worshiping the godly superhero Zenith to becoming the super-powered Apex to discovering the truth about his idol[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week: LADY DEATH #24
When the final truth is revealed, nothing… And we mean NOTHING will be the same! To catch a preview, click here. Available with Regular cover by Jason Eden, Sultry cover by Renato Camilo, and Wraparound by Pow Rodrix with order incentive Art Deco cover by painter Michael Dipascale! LADY DEATH #24 Regular Edition Cover by Jason Eden $3.99, Item Code: OCT120943 LADY[...]
Boundless Plug of the Week – WAR GODDESS #11
Not only is the dark matter villainess impervious to all firepower directed against her, she is also resurrecting the human casualties to create an attack force of undead warriors! Boundless Comics has provided a short preview of the action here: War Goddess #11 is available with a Regular cover by Jason Eden,  Sultry cover by Renato Caceres, as[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week – HERO WORSHIP #5
This year's most original super hero series continues today, by writers Zak Penn (Avengers, X-Men II & III movies, Alphas TV show) and Scott Murphy (Star Wars The Clone Wars TV show)! The bombshell is dropped and Adam's life is changed irrevocably.  He's seen his idol close up and realizes the hero isn't all that he seems.  Now Mara[...]
Avatar Plug of the Week: Lady Death #23
Are you prepared for the return of Death Queen…? Available with Regular cover by Renato Camilo, Sultry cover by Juan Jose Ryp, and Wraparound  and order incentive Art Deco cover by painter Michael Dipascale! LADY DEATH #23 Regular Edition Cover by Renato Camilo $3.99, Item Code: LADY DEATH #23 Sultry Edition Cover by Juan Jose Ryp $3.99, Item Code: LADY DEATH #23 Wraparound[...]