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Pokémon TCG Japan: Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Preview: Mimikyu
The Pokémon ex mechanic, the main mechanic of this new era, continues in Snow Hazard and Clay Burst, as does the layout of the Secret Rare section, which includes Illustration Rares, Special Illustration Rares, Full Art ex, Full Art Trainers, Special Illustration Rare Trainers, and Gold cards.  Today, let's take a look at another holographic[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Team Up Part 32: Gengar & Mimikyu Alt Art
Credit: Pokémon TCG The Alternate Art Mimikyu & Gengar TAG TEAM GX is illustrated by Midori Harada, and it's cool and creepy but a touch too simple for me What I love about what Alt Arts became, which we will see a lot of seeds for even in this first Alt Art set, is ways to show[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Team Up Part 13: Gengar & Mimikyu
Credit: Pokémon TCG Like all of the standard TAG TEAM GX cards in Sun & Moon – Team Up, hobby legend Mitsuhiro Arita illustrates this Gengar & Mimikyu card Arita is best known for drawing Base Set Charizard, arguably the most famous and iconic trading card artwork of all time across all brands, but has been contributing to the Pokémon[...]
More Details Arrive on Mimikyu ex Box from Pokémon TCG
The official product artwork of the Mimikyu ex Box, which is the first major box of the Scarlet & Violet era, has been revealed by the Pokémon TCG The box features the standard Mimikyu design art on the box with a design mimicking this Pokémon's ghostly tendrils bordering the packs Within this ex box, you[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: Scarlet & Violet ex Preview: Mimikyu ex
Credit: Pokémon TCG It's Mimikyu ex! Japanese collectors will get Mimikyu ex in the Starter Set ex deck: Quaxly & Mimikyu ex while English-language collectors will get it in the Mimikyu ex box coming in March 2023 The artwork for this ex by PLANETA Yamashita is easily my favorite of the exs revealed so far as it relies[...]
Pokémon TCG Announces Mimikyu ex Collection For 2023
We now have details for the first ex Box, which will feature the fan-favorite Pokémon Mimikyu The Mimikyu ex Box will be available starting March 3, 2023 It will include four booster packs, one Black Star Promo card and oversize card featuring Mimikyu ex, and one non-V foil promo card featuring Greavard It will retail[...]
Pokémon Spotlight: The Untapped Potential of Mimikyu
Mimikyu is one of the most popular Pokémon ever released, so it may strike some as a bit odd to talk about its untapped potential However, the conversation must be had Mimikyu has been unappreciated by Trainers in the actual lore of Pokémon, as the true face of this species is said to be incomprehensibly[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Lost Origin Part 13: Mimikyu & Spectrier
Credit: Pokémon TCG Artist Ligton delivers one of my favorite cards in the set with this non-holo, rare Mimikyu that has an illustration cool enough for an Alternate Art or Character Rare Mimikyu stares at the face of Pikachu, the Pokémon whose cuteness it copies in hopes of being beloved by trainers, on a fallen can next[...]
Will Mimikyu Be Released in Pokémon GO’s 2023 Halloween Event?
Will Mimikyu be released during Pokémon GO's 2022 Halloween Event? Signs point to "yes." Let's take a look at what's to come with perhaps the most beloved Ghost in the Pokémon world. Mimikyu in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Mimikyu is beloved due to its tragic backstory Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon that simply wants to be loved[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Lost Thunder Part 34: Ninetails, Mimikyu
This set was largely Zeraora and Lugia themed but it also included cards featuring other major fan favorites including Mimikyu, Suicune, and more Today, we move to the Fairy-type Full Arts. Cards of Lost Thunder Credit: Pokémon TCG Alolan Ninetails previously got a Full Art GX in Sun & Moon – Guardians Rising where it was a Water-type,[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan’s Lost Abyss Preview: Mimikyu
Credit: Pokémon TCG It's Mimikyu! Mimikyu has had great features during the Sword & Shield era with a V in Sword & Shield – Battle Styles and then a reprinted V, a VMAX, a Character Super Rare V, and a Character Super Rare VMAX in Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Lost Thunder Part 26: Mimikyu GX
This set was largely Zeraora and Lugia themed but it also included cards featuring other major fan favorites including Mimikyu, Suicune, and more Today, we check out three Fairy-types including two Legendary Island Guardians of Alola… and one of the franchise's most popular Pokémon that debuted in the Sun & Moon era. Cards of Lost Thunder[...]
Pokémon GO Teases Mimikyu, Turtonator, & Hisuian Starters
It is safe to say this means we will get a Grubbin release. Next to Charjabug is one of the franchise's most iconic Pokémon: Mimikyu I would be stunned if this didn't mean that we're seeing Mimikyu released in Pokémon GO for the Halloween Event 2022 It remains to be seen how rare such an encounter would[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Brilliant Stars Part 41: Mimikyu CSRs
Both Mimikyu V and Mimikyu VMAX CSRs picture this fan-favorite Ghost-type with its trainer, Acerola The first leans into the horror of Mimikyu in a striking and dynamic illustration by saino misaki that pictures Acerola walking in on her Pokémon watching TV as the glow of the screen casts a creepy shadow behind it[...]
The Cards of Pokémon TCG: Brilliant Stars Part 14: Mimikyu V & VMAX
Today, we'll take a look at the two Mimikyu cards in the main section of the set. The Cards of Brilliant Stars Credit: Pokémon TCG Here we go… I'm about to address my biggest and really only major gripe about Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars I'm a Mimikyu fan — a big one — and this is very[...]
Mimikyu VMAX Character SR: Chase of Pokémon TCG: VMAX Climax?
Let's take a look at this new VMAX Climax preview. Mimikyu VMAX Character SR Credit: Pokémon TCG I believe I echo most Pokémon TCG collectors here when I say… wow It was already exciting that Mimikyu, which got a Pokémon-V back in Sword & Shield – Battle Styles will now get a VMAX in VMAX Climax and surely the English-equivalent set Sword[...]
Acerola & Mimikyu Feature on Dec. 2021 Pokémon Center Japan Merch
Their solicitations include card sleeves featuring Acerola and Mimikyu, a stacked rubber mat collection, unique card frames, and more Let's take a look at what will be available. December 2021 products Credit: Pokémon TCG The Pokémon TCG products featured in Japan's Pokémon Center line-up for December 2021 include: Deck box featuring Red and Blue (the basis for Ash[...]
Mimikyu Finally Gets a VMAX in Japan’s Next Pokémon TCG Set
Credit: Pokémon TCG The main VMAX Climax set will largely consist of reprint cards, which is why the majority of its new content will be a subset in the English-language Pokémon TCG's Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, as the English-language branch doesn't tend to do full reprint sets like this. VMAX Climax won't only feature reprints, though, and[...]