"Pokémon Go" Has Officially Postponed Its Abra Community Day

"Pokémon Go" Has Officially Postponed Its Abra Community Day
Credit: Niantic

If you were hoping to take part in a special Abra-themed celebration in Pokemon Go, it looks like that's all going to have to wait for now.

Developer Niantic postponed the Abra-themed Community Day that would have taken place today for March. There isn't a new date for when the new Community Day will end up taking place just yet, but for now it looks like there will be quite a long time to wait since it seems concerns about coronavirus are only getting worse, not better.

Niantic has been working to discourage gathering in public thanks to concerns with coronavirus, which continues to spread as we speak. It looks like a day of Abra celebration will have to wait until another time for the foreseeable future, however.

This is likely far from the last Pokemon Go cancelation coming down the pipeline, especially as the outbreak rages on. We'll continue to keep you updated on the situation as Niantic prepares to announce a new date for the community event.

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