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Renegade Game Studios Announces Crimes & Capers Mystery Series
Renegade Game Studios, the tabletop gaming company responsible for Duel of Wands, Wardlings, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, and many other games, has announced a new series of game titles to join their already impressive repertoire. Crimes & Capers, the new game series, is a reimagining of the classic Murder Mystery Party Game designed by game designers Juliana Moreno[...]
A Murderous Affair at Horizon Towers: State of the Chinese Whodunnit
And all the men in the building seemed to be in love with her, which did not make their wives happy. "A Murderous Affair at Horizon Tower" poster, Tencent Who would hate her enough to kill her? Or was she killed by someone she turned down? But was she really a homewrecker or a misunderstood saint? Why[...]
Marvel Comics' "Incoming" Will Have a Murder Mystery For Christmas
But Marvel Comics is also teasing a murder mystery – thematically pretty perfect for Boxing Day Murder mysteries are traditional for Christmas week Well, it wouldn't be a Christmas family get together without a bit of a ding dong… All we know is who will not be murdered… Black Panther, Captain Marvel, the Human torch, Reed[...]
Rellik: Cinemax Teases UK Time-Reversed Murder Mystery Series
murder mystery Rellik premieres with a premise that should be a little familiar to fans of Christopher Nolan's Memento (or Peter Falk's Columbo): the story begins at the end, and works its way backwards The six episode series stars Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones) and The Crown's Jodi Balfour as investigating detectives; with Ray Stevenson (Rome),[...]
HBO Unveils Official Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's Cut of 'Mosaic'
Viewers who mapped out their own version of Steven Soderbergh's murder mystery limited series Mosaic through the film's app back in December will get their chance to compare notes with how their vision matches the filmmaker's On January 22, HBO will premiere Soderbergh's linear miniseries of the story after giving those interested the opportunity to[...]