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The Fabulous Killjoys Returns From Gerard Way This October
The current generation of comics creators was raised on three things: studded belts, band tees, and My Chemical Romance The emo generation has grown up and is now writing comics with The Black Parade blaring in the background, on loop for the ten-thousandth time Many of these young creators grew up looking to My Chemical[...]
My Chemical Romance North American Tour Dates Rescheduled
To the understanding of many people living in North America, as well as the dismay of, even more, recently-reunited alternative band My Chemical Romance have announced that they will be rescheduling their North American tour dates into 2021. A photographic still from My Chemical Romance, featuring their albums in a summoning pentagram. Due to the rampant nature[...]
'The Umbrella Academy': Read the Comics? Watched the Trailer? Now Listen to the Official Playlist!
With only a week to go before Netflix's series adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's graphic novel series The Umbrella Academy, the streaming service has offered up the series' official playlist for fans to debate – and salivate – over on Spotify (which you can find here). Recently, comic book writer and ex-My Chemical Romance (MCR) front man/co-founder Way teamed up with[...]
Gerard Way To Be 'Showrunner' For DC Vertigo Titles, Will Announce At ECCC
Bleeding Cool had previously reported that My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and Becky Cloonan's take on Doom Patrol, previously on hold, may be revived for DC Vertigo later this year. Well, I've been told from a musical contact that Gerard Way is being tapped by DC Vertigo into a kind of showrunner/curator position at the comic book publisher[...]
Gerard Way Comes To North Carolina In November
Gerard Way is joining the likes of Charlie Adlard, Adam Hughes, Neal Adams Stacy Lee, Cliff Chiang, JP Leon and Bernard Chang as the big comic book names of North Carolina Comic Con in November. So as well as all the comic book aficionados, expect a rather large contingent of My Chemical Romance "killjoys" to join[...]
My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Writes Peter Porker, Spider-Ham
Edge Of Spider-Verse #5, written by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and published today Expect lines. And featuring the ultra-cool SP//dr alternate universe character of a young woman, a spider and a massive Spider-based super suit that combines a number of Japanese comic book genres together into one totally bad ass character. It's awesome. But what's also awesome[...]
Gerard Way Is Still Writing Spider-Man, Despite Reports
It caused a little commotion, which is how I came to hear about it. EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5 (OF 5) & VAR ($3.99, FOC 09/22/14) will be written by a TBD writer, not Gerard Way which was previously solicited. Oh dear. Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, was previously announced to be writing a Spider-Man book, one of[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Gerard Way About All Ages Comics and Killjoys
Co-written with Shaun Simon, and featuring art by Becky Cloonan, colors by Dan Jackson and letters by Nate Piekos, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys continued the story of the world first shown in the film clips for My Chemical Romance's Na Na Na & Sing. Gerard & I discuss what the end of Killjoys[...]
Gerard Way's New Comic With Kittens, All Ages – Meet Lemon, Koko And Jones
My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way has announced a new comic And it's got cats in it. So the new icon is getting lots of cool feedback.I hadn't intended to do this comic for a while but it seems like ppl might be interested? — Gerard Way (@gerardway) December 27, 2013 So maybe I'll do this book differently and[...]
Gerard Way And Gabriel Bá To Bring Back Umbrella Academy In 2014
But now, according to My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, the Doom Patrol-esque Umbrella Academy is coming back next year… So I got a really nice email from Gabriel Ba the other day, he's an amazing comic artist who was the artist on Umbrella Academy.. — Gerard Way (@gerardway) December 21, 2013   He was checking in to see how[...]