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Old Man Logan Has Finally Gone Senile in Next Week's Dead Man Logan #3
Wolverine is over a century old, and the time-displaced future version of Wolverine, Old Man Logan, is even older than that So it's actually pretty impressive that, over all these years (aside from the occasional berserker rage), he's managed to mostly keep control of his mental faculties. But things have taken a turn for the worse in next[...]
Hot Wolverine on Wolverine Action in April's Dead Man Logan #6
Revealed in Marvel's full April solicitations, these two Wolverines will face off for some reason in this issue, finally determining which of them is really the best they are at what they do. Will Old Man Logan's wisdom be able to stand up to the younger Wolverine's new power of… *checks notes*… claws that get very[...]
X-Mas Comes Early as Cyclops Returns! [X-ual Healing 12-19-18]
The Panther slices off Deadpool's head in retaliation as he vows to live forever so he can stop people like Deadpool forever. While I maintain my position that nobody asked for or needed this comic, I appreciate how fast-paced it's been, defying the usual Marvel hyper-decompressed style. Dead Man Logan #2 (W) Ed Brisson (A) Mike Henderson (CA)[...]
Hello, Wolverine. Goodbye, Wolverine. [X-ual Healing 11-28-18]
And yet, that's what's going on in the X-books right now, with the original Wolverine nearing the end of a return that's nearing one and a half years long, and his time-displaced alternate-future version, Old Man Logan, entering the beginning of what will be a year-long death maxi-series If they time it right, Marvel could[...]
A Safe Space for Old Man Logan in Next Week's Dead Man Logan #1
After a pretty good 50-issue run, Old Man Logan finally met his end in the final issue of his series, Old Man Logan #50 It had to happen, what with the original Wolverine (slowly but surely) coming back in Return of Wolverine So the death of Old Man Logan was, sadly, inevitable. Or was it? In an[...]
How Dare You, Ed Brisson? [X-ual Healing 10-31-18]
And he's taking his time, killing Old Man Logan slowly, beginning in this week's Old Man Logan #50 and on into the 12-issue Dead Man Logan maxi-series. Now, Brisson has set his sights on the most cherished X-Man of all Let's get right into it… Extermination #4 (of 5) W) Ed Brisson (A) Pepe Larraz (CA) Mark Brooks •[...]
Old Man Logan Finale May Feature the Worst Thing Wolverine's Ever Done
But in Old Man Logan #50, the $4.99 grand series finale (except for the 12-issue Dead Man Logan series that's going to follow that), according to this preview, Wolverine irresponsibly leaves dangerous drugs lying around in the street where children can find them. Wolverine, how do you always find a way to sink to a new[...]
Uncanny X-Men: Everything We Know About the Relaunch So Far [X-ual Healing 10-17-18]
X is set to continue through the Uncanny X-Men relaunch, and at least during the first story arc, it's not even going to crossover, which is more than most people can say for their honeymoons. Old Man Logan #49 (W) Ed Brisson (A) Ibraim Roberson (CA) Andrea Sorrentino RAGE INTO DARKNESS! • The Maestro made a terrible enemy… • …one[...]
Wolverine Finally Takes Responsibility in Next Week's Old Man Logan #49
One thing Wolverine is not the best at, however, is taking responsibility for his own actions. But in his old age, it seems Logan is finally recognizing when things are his fault, such as the murder of his family in the original Old Man Logan timeline Old Man Logan is about to meet his doom in[...]
Civics Lessons from The Maestro in Old Man Logan #48 Preview
Old Man Logan continues to slowly meander toward its finale with next week's Old Man Logan #48 The book's previous issue saw Alpha Flight help Logan track down the whereabouts of his old enemy, The Maestro, and in a preview for next week's issue, we learn where the Maestro has been, taking over the town[...]
Old Man Logan Annual #1 cover by Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, and Val Staples
Old Man Logan follow and finds the aftermath A woman tells him what happened and follows the trail of the Punishers until they return to their stronghold He's shot on the approach, and he receives help from an unlikely source: Frank Castle himself. In a follow-up story, we follow the Punisher immediately after the Fall. Old Man[...]
So How About a 3rd Volume of Chris Claremont's X-Men Forever Then? [X-ual Healing 8-22-18]
You'd all be down for that, right? Old Man Logan #46 (W) Ed Brisson (A) Damian Couceiro (CA) Andrea Sorrentino INDESCRIBABLE…INDESTRUCTIBLE…NOTHING CAN STOP IT! • When a mysterious unidentified flying object crash lands in the Yukon, Old Man Logan is called to investigate! • What lies within? Whatever it is, it won't come in peace! • THEN: Logan's declining health takes[...]
Wolverine 74 Statue Gentle Giant
The '74 Collector's Gallery statue comes with real metal claws, an attitude of "being the best at what he does" and is inspired by the cover art for Old Man Logan Vol 2 #21 This Collector's Gallery statue comes on a black, hexagon base with the Wolverine logo, and can fit together along side the other releases[...]