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Who Will Succeed Boris Johnson? Once & Future #27 Prepares (Spoilers)
And just in case there was any doubt this was Boris. Once And Future #18 A very familiar profile there, of a younger Boris But there is division between the executive branch and its civil service Echoed again in subsequent chapters, as the mystical secrets and dangers of the land begin to rise again, but this time[...]
Cover image for Once and Future #25
Celebrate the momentous occasion of 25 issues of Once and Future by reading this preview of Once and Future #25 And buying it after reading the preview, we guess, but that part no longer concerns us Check out the preview below, where British people are taking things very seriously (they should try working with Rich[...]
The Once And Future Fate of Boris Johnson (Spoiler)
So not really like Boris Johnson then. Once And Future #12 But he is the only knight to return from delivering the Holy Grail to its resting place, and it is he who tells the story of what happened, and succeeds Arthur, king of what remains of his kingdom. Once And Future #12 But it's good enough[...]
Back to the Once & Future Second Printings
Roughly a year ago, Once And Future by Doctor Kieron Gillen and Not-A-Doctor Dan Mora was a frequent subject of conversation on this site Not only was it the first (but not last) series to join Boom Studios' 50K Club, but it famously went through eight  printings on the first issue The second issue needed[...]
Once And Future #1 Gets a Second Printing – and a New War of Words…
The war of words between Boom Studios and Image Comics over bragging rights to the relative performances of ongoing series Die by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, and limited series Once And Future by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora. Om Thursday, Image Comics announced that Die #6 would be getting a second printing ahead of going[...]